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New Crime City (2004) Horror Movie Review

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New Crime City (2004)

This movie follows the same plotline to such movies as Escape from New York / L.A., District B13, and Doomsday. The protagonist, Anthony Ricks (Rick Rossovich), is given a second chance for redemption by his captor, Wynorski (Stacy Keach), who offers him his life back in return for a dangerous search and destroy mission within the walls of a furturistic prison known as Crime Zone. 

Crime Zone is a sectioned off portion of Los Angles that was structured in 2005 to contain the violent criminals of the city and to serve as a prison to protect the remaining innocent life surrounding the area. The prison runs long and wide through the ruins of what used to be the ghettos of Los Angeles and is controlled by numerous gangs, the most dangerous being led by a man who calls himself Ironhead (Rick Dean). Ricks’ mission is to infiltrate Ironhead’s headquarters, kill Ironhead and retreave a deadly virus which he has created and threatened to launch over the inncoent people surrounding Los Angeles in the exchange for his freedom. If Ricks is unable to sucessfully complete his mission within 48 hours, the city of Los Angeles will be desroyed by a massive bomb to ensure that the attack does not occur. (District B13 / The Rock)

Not much studio quality has gone into the making of this film; however, since it was made in 1994 it still works as a fun 90’s post apacolyptic B movie. This movie’s set has the feel of Cyborg, Escpape from L.A., and Road Warrior which is a plus. This movie may not have the greatest budget or the best acting, but compared to movies such as Gangland and Steel Frontier, it is a blockbuster. Definitely a fun movie to watch.

It had been a long time since I first watched this movie on Cinemax so I had to purhcase this movie on VHS before I could be sure whether or not I wanted to purchase a used DVD for $20 plus shipping. Definitely worth $9.99 if one could pick it up from Best Buy.

Hope this review helped you.

About New Crime City (2004)

Title: New Crime City
Year: 2004
Starring: Cécica Bernasconi, Augusto Chocano, Elvira De La Puente, Rick Dean, Denis Forest
Rating: 3/5 stars from 5 users. Reviews: 5.
Rating: R (Restricted)
Runtime: 95 minutes

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