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Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (2008) Horror Movie Review

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Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (2008)

For more than a century, the tale of Jekyll and Hyde has captivated the worlds imagination. In this chilling and diabolically clever reinvention, evil lives again. Dr. Henry Jekyll is a well regarded Physician but his obsessive experiments turn deadly when toxic chemicals turn him into an evil man known only as Mr. Edward Hyde. Anxious to stop his alter ego from committing more devilish deeds, Jekyll pleads guilty to the courts and is confined to an asylum. But soon, Jekyll realizes that he has lost control and Hyde can emerge in both body and soul on a horrifying whim. What Hyde doesn’t like, he kills. And while Jekyll is safely locked away, Hyde isn’t. Starring Dougray Scott (Desperate Housewives), Krista Bridges (Land of the Dead), and Tom Skerritt (Pickett Fences), Robert Louis Stevenson’s gothic classic is now on DVD for the first time and ingeniously retold to terrify audiences a new.


Dr. Jekyll, unable to stop himself from transforming into the murderous Mr. Hyde, wants his attorney to secure him a speedy trial, a guilty verdict and a quick execution.

About Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (2008)

Title: Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
Year: 2008
Starring: Vlasta Vrana, Tom Skerritt, Arthur Holden, Cas Anvar, Craig Thomas, Dougray Scott, Kathleen Mackey, Krista Bridges, Susan Almgren, Kim Bubbs, Caroline Van Vlaardingen, Noah Bernett, Steve Godin, Alvin Powell, Deano Clavet, John Burton Churchill, Lita Tresierra, Danette Mackay, Robert L. Matier Jr., Victoria Barkoff, Ellen David, Ian Finlay, Kathleen Fee, Patrick John Costello, Carlo Mestroni, Adrianne Richards, Lori Graham, Russell Yuen, Robert Sharpe, Robert Jadah
Runtime: 89 minutes
Director: Paolo Barzman
Score: 1 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 2.5/5 stars from 2 users. Reviews: 2.
Genre: Horror, Thriller

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