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New Fist of the North Star (Vol. 1) (2004) Horror Movie Review

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New Fist of the North Star (Vol. 1) (2004)

A twist to the classic favorite that begins in the aftermath of the great apocalypse, across a barren Earth, chaos is the rule, and order the exception with bandits and enterprising overlords terrorizing the survivors of the holocaust.  Will a hero rise from the ashes and cut a swath of justice across the Earth’s ruined landscape?                                                                                                In the aftermath of Kenshiro’s attack on the citadel of Last Land, the boy known as Lord Doha falls deathly ill. Sara’s prognosis is dire: only a few days before death takes him. The serum to save his life is a two days’ drive each way.  When pressed by Kenshiro, Sara admits there is a shorter path… but it runs through Cliffland, a land haunted by demons who practice a mysterious killing technique.  Fates collide as Kenshiro takes up the quest and departs for Cliffland. Suddenly, another mysterious martial artist arrives in Last Land, pursued by two of the dreaded Clifflanders. The fighter gives his name as Seiji and vows to take all that Sanga has owned. The balance of power is once again thrown into chaos as fist is pitted against fist in a struggle to see whose justice will prevail. Meanwhile, Sara anxiously waits for Kenshiro to return… if he returns at all.

About New Fist of the North Star (Vol. 1) (2004)

Title: New Fist of the North Star (Vol. 1)
Year: 2004
Starring: Fist of the North Star
Rating: 3/5 stars from 5 users. Reviews: 5.
Rating: Unrated
Runtime: 55 minutes

New Fist of the North Star (Vol. 1) Cover Poster Art

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