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This Darkness (2003) Horror Movie Review

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This Darkness (2003)

My friend has a habit taht’s starting to annoy me. We both love Horror films and we’re both great “bargain hunters”. That’s where his habit comes in: He picks up cheap Horror movies and 9 out of 10 times they are godawful! So it is with VAMPS. I kidded him when he brought it over “I bet the box has a busty chick with black nail polish on the cover”. Sure enough, I was right!

The first flick BLOOD STAKES was awful. 5 minutes in you knew it wasn’t very professional: It is shot with a handheld camera with terrible special effects, a less-than-stellar cast and some laughable costumes. I ran in and out of the room making up chores I had to do about half-way through! Truth is , I couldn’t wait for the damn thing to end!

next up was VULTURE’S EYE, the story about the evil Dr Vogel. Mwahahahahaaha! This was even worse, because it had a longer running time. Around this time my friend remarked that he was expecting a lot more T & A from this box set and then right about then there was some tossed in: The T & A shots are really poorly done, they are NOT subtle at all. A scene that has a breast in it has just that: a breast. No face, no body, just a full shot of [...]. I even started to wonder aloud if the girl used a body double…cuz her face was never shown when her chest or rump was! But…whatever. A bomb vampire flick with charactors with names like “Renfield”, “Mina,” “Lucy” and “Van Helsing”. My friend said “How can they do that? Can’t they get sued” to which I said “I guess the DRACULA/ NOSFERATU stories are so old that they didn’t have copyrights!”, meaning I could make a soap opera tomorrow and name the charactors Renfield, lucy, Mina and Van Helsing if I wanted to!

I havent watched the other two flicks in the set (Dare I say “yet?”) ABOMINATION and THE DARKNESS and I don’t think I will!

My friend paid $5 for this set…and that was $5- too much!

Also beware another terrible cheapie Horror flcik called THE GHOSTS OF ANGELA WEBB. That one’s even worse…if that’s possible!

About This Darkness (2003)

Title: This Darkness
Year: 2003
Starring: Amanda Cook (III), David Everritt, Jenevieve Frank, Vincent Woodruff
Rating: 3/5 stars from 5 users. Reviews: 5.
Rating: Unrated
Runtime: 100 minutes

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