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Stage Ghost (2002) Horror Movie Review

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Stage Ghost (2002)

As the writer/executive producer of STAGEGHOST,I feel justified in objecting to some of the comments directed at the picture. I do not quarrel with someone disliking the picture, thats the viewers privliage. However, one of these reviews suggests that there are trucks in the background. This is NOT TRUE. I have gone over this picture frame by frame and there are no trucks, cars, RV’s or any other conviance but a stage coach in this picture.

As to the cover/box art being deceptive, I agree it is. This is the fault of the distribuitor who insisted on a name change. The original title of the picture was ADOBIE STATION. It was ment to be a straight western homage to some of the saturday afternoon serials from the 1930’s.

For the very low budget I had, I think we have an outstanding cast. Most low budget film are lucky to have two name actors. STAGEGHOST has 5. I felt privliged to have the great John Vernon in one of his last films,Edward Albert, Chris Atkins, the marvelous William Sanderson and the very talanted Dana Barron. And should I have the budget for future films you may expect to see Chris and Dana and Bill Sanderson again. Oh, and we also had Terry Moore, Acadamy award nommine for COME BACK LITTLE SHEBIA, opposite Burt Lancaster.

Someone critized the editing. The editor won the Canadian Oscar for editing so I must assume he knows his business. 

It is easy to critizise a picture. But no one sets out to make a bad film. I know we didn’t. Could it have been better? Sure it could. I might have written a better script. I have since. But all in all, I am proud of STAGEGHOST, and I am especieally proud of the cast. There are some good things in this picture and the credit for that goes to them.

About Stage Ghost (2002)

Title: Stage Ghost
Year: 2002
Starring: Christopher Atkins, Edward Albert, William Sanderson, Keith Ewell, Dan Coplan
Rating: 3/5 stars from 5 users. Reviews: 5.
Rating: R (Restricted)
Runtime: 105 minutes
Director: Stephen Furst

Stage Ghost Cover Poster Art

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