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Alice Sweet Alice (1986) Horror Movie Review

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Alice Sweet Alice (1986)

Young Karen Spages (Brooke Shields) is about to receive her first communion when someone wearing a mask and a yellow raincoat murders her in church. Karen, who had a jealous sister Alice (Paula E. Sheppard), resented the attention her mother Catherine (Linda Miller), and the local priest Father Tom (Rudolph Willrich) lavished on her. As a result Alice constantly bothered Karen and played terrible tricks on her much to the frustration of her mother. So after the funeral for Karen a lot of suspicion is placed on Alice for the possible death of her sister and the fact that Karen’s communion veil is found on Alice doesn’t exactly help clear her name. Nonetheless Alice insists she didn’t do it and her loving mother believes her. Two detectives, detective Spina (Michael Hardstark) and Brennan (Tom Signorelli) begin an investigation into Karen’s murder, but immediately suspect Alice of the crime since the suspects are sparse at best. Alice’s father Dom (Niles McMaster) arrives in town for the funeral of his daughter and to help his ex-wife through a difficult period. Eventually Alice’s Aunt Annie (Jane Lowry) is attacked by the raincoat killer, but she survives and tells the detectives it was Alice even though the killer’s visage was hidden behind a mask. Alice is put in a child shelter under psychological care. Meanwhile Dom is determined to help his daughter, whom he believes is being wrongly accused and with the help of Father Tom searches for clues as to who the true killer may be. But did Alice indeed kill her sister? Or is she just terribly misunderstood?  A good good movie, thats more of a mystery. All the characters are played out exceptionally well, the camera work is done very well, and when there is gore, it is good. Kind of slow paced at first, and sort of hard to follow, but in the end a very good movie.

About Alice Sweet Alice (1986)

Title: Alice Sweet Alice
Year: 1986
Starring: Paula E. Sheppard, Linda Miller, Niles McMaster, Jane Lowry, Rudolph Willrich
Rating: 2/5 stars from 10 users. Reviews: 10.
Rating: R
Runtime: 108 minutes
Director: Alfred Sole

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