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Nude for Satan (2008) Horror Movie Review

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Nude for Satan (2008)

A previously lost sleaze masterpiece from cult director Luigi Batzella (The Beast in Heat) and starring Rita Calderoni (Delerium, Black Magic Rites). A man who seeks help for an injured women at a gothic castle finds it inhabited by their darker halves and a sex-craved arachnid with a taste for stockings and sadomasochism. This is Italian gothic with dollops of seventies style chock-a-block with lesbianism, whippings, black magic and dubious haircuts. A truly jaw-dropping horror/exploitation film from one of the most prominent directors of Italian sleaze cinema. Anamorphically Enhanced.

About Nude for Satan (2008)

Title: Nude for Satan
Year: 2008
Starring: Rita Calderoni, James Harris, Luigi Antonio Guerra, Giuseppe Pino Mattei, Renato Lupi
Rating: 3/5 stars from 5 users. Reviews: 5.
Rating: Unrated
Runtime: 82 minutes
Director: Luigi Batzella

Nude for Satan Cover Poster Art

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