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Manhunter (2007) Horror Movie Review

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Manhunter (2007)

Witness the birth of evil. This eerie, very intense (New York) thriller from writer-director Michael Mann (Heat, The Insider) first introduced the world to the cunning, unforgettable serial killer named Hannibal. Joan Allen and Stephen Lang co-star in this dark locomotive ofa film (Los Angeles Times) that promises to keep viewers riveted (Time)!Former FBI profiler Will Graham (William Petersen,  CSI ) reluctantly returns to his old job to track a horrific serial killer known as the ‘tooth Fairy.  But in order to get into the mind of this maniac, Graham must face another: Hannibal, the imprisoned psychiatrist whose own insanity almost cost Graham his life and whose insights into the Tooth Fairy could prove as dangerous as the killer himself.

About Manhunter (2007)

Title: Manhunter
Year: 2007
Starring: William Petersen, Kim Greist, Joan Allen, Brian Cox, Dennis Farina
Rating: 3/5 stars from 5 users. Reviews: 5.
Rating: R (Restricted)
Runtime: 120 minutes
Director: Michael Mann

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