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Day of the Nightmare / Scream of the Butterfly (2003) Horror Movie Review

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Day of the Nightmare / Scream of the Butterfly (2003)

Day Of The Nightmare (1965, 94 Minutes) - Love can be murder in this wacky mix of horror, sexploitation and down-and-dirty psycho kookiness! One minute Doris Mays is supposed to be dead, the next she’s chasing her ex-boyfriend’s wife with a steak knife! Crackpot artist Jonathan Crane tried to end his affair with Doris by stuffing her body in a trunk, but when Doris starts stalking his wife, Jonathan realizes something’s gone terribly wrong: “You were dead! Dead! Now stay dead!” Despite the efforts of police detective John Ireland (I Saw What You Did), ultra-creepy Miss Mays pursues Mrs. Crane in the hopes of permanently ending the marriage. Featuring fun cameos from Elena Verdugo (House of Frankenstein) and Liz Renay (Desperate Living), with photography by director Ted V. Mikels (The Corpse Grinders), this is a Day of the Nightmare you’ll never forget! “Scream Of The Butterfly” (1965, 76 Minutes) - Two days after marrying rich Sap-of-the-Year Paul Williams, bosomy sex-machine Marla is making it with a “young Adonis” on the beach and planning on killing Paul until—oops!—some surprising-for-its-time homosexuality twists the plot into a kinky pretzel! With photography from cult fave Ray Dennis Steckler (Wild Guitar) and one of the sixties’ most cynical endings, “Scream of the Butterfly” also marks the first time in cinema history that the leading lady is referred to onscreen as “Miss [**]sy-Wutsy.”

About Day of the Nightmare / Scream of the Butterfly (2003)

Title: Day of the Nightmare / Scream of the Butterfly
Year: 2003
Starring: Nélida Lobato, Nick Novarro, Richard Beebe, Robert Miller, John Richards
Rating: 3/5 stars from 5 users. Reviews: 5.
Rating: Unrated
Runtime: 127 minutes
Director: Eber Lobato, Howard Veit, John A. Bushelman

Day of the Nightmare / Scream of the Butterfly Cover Poster Art

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