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DECEPTION (2008) Horror Movie Review

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INT. BEVERLY HILLS, MILEY’S APARTMENT, BATHROOM - MORNING A bathroom door, just barely opened, has steam coming from it. (Camera moves in, as if it transcends threw the door.) We see a silhouette of a woman behind a curtain, threw the steam, rising off. The running water stops, the curtain slides open. MILEY, a High Fashion Model, early twenties,  grabs a towel off the rack and wraps herself. She takes another one to drys her hair, then wraps it.  INT. MILEY’S APARTMENT - BEDROOM Miley walks out of the bathroom and is in her bedroom. She looks over at the television and sees the words SPECIAL REPORT. She picks up the remote, turns up the volume.  JENNA TAYLOR Good morning Los Angeles. This is Jenna Taylor reporting on channel One, news. Last night, super model,  Shelly Davis, has been reported missing from her Malibu Beach apartment. The Twenty-eight year old model, is the fourteenth model missing since last June. Here, with us, out on location, is L.A.  Detective Ron Piren. Good morning Detective.  We see the Detective on a monitor in the studio.  DETECTIVE Good morning Jenna.  JENNA TAYLOR Detective, can you tell us why no one has been able to figure out where all the models have disappeared to and put a stop to it?  DETECTIVE Jenna, the L.A police Department is doing the best it can.  Phone rings DETECTIVE (CONT’D)  We’re doing everything within our power to find…  Miley mutes the television. Looks at the caller ID MILEY Hey! Sandra, what’s up?  SANDRA (O.S.)  You didn’t forget that we’re going to the mall today, did you?  Miley puts it on speaker phone to talk to Sandra.  (Scene plays out over the phone convers

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About DECEPTION (2008)

Year: 2008
Starring: Aleksandra Eriksson Mikesh Marie Rocki DuCharme
Rating: 3/5 stars from 5 users. Reviews: 5.
Rating: Not available
Runtime: 90 minutes
Director: Vitaliy Versace

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