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Deep Red Hatchet Murders (2008) Horror Movie Review

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Deep Red Hatchet Murders (2008)

I am quite sure that there are already several reviews on Amazon that actually deal with the film itself, so I won’t bother doing that.  I will specifically let prospective buyers know what they will get with this Synergy Entertainment release.  The truth is, you won’t get very much at all.

First of all, what you get is actually a DVD-R, not a factory pressed DVD.  There is no menu screen, period.  There is not even a scene selection option.  It appears the film transfer comes directly from the negatives.  However, it also looks digitalized (as if it was downloaded and burned).  The running time clocks in at 2hr, 6min which seems to be the film in its entirety (uncut).

From what I can tell all the different releases of “Deep Red” that are available are public domain calibre.  The astounding thing is that you have to pay $9.99 for this.  I would gladly shell out $2 or $3, but $10 (+ shipping) is far too much.  Anchor Bay really needs to do this essential giallo film some justice.

About Deep Red Hatchet Murders (2008)

Title: Deep Red Hatchet Murders
Year: 2008
Starring: David Hemmings Daria Nicolodi
Rating: 3/5 stars from 5 users. Reviews: 5.
Rating: Not available
Runtime: 126 minutes
Director: Dario Agento

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