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Hell House: The Book of Samiel (2008) Horror Movie Review

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Hell House: The Book of Samiel (2008)

Before the beginning of time demons covered the darkness. After humans took possession of the earths several books came into existence. Books of knowledge with pages containing rituals and incantations. One for each of the god demons. These pages would be used to banish the dark things that lurk in the shadows. The books were passed down through the centuries among an elite sect of soothsayers. The coveted books have been sought after by the demons throughout time. Now they have discovered a way to reenter this world through portals surrounded by evil and darkness to take back what has always been theirs.

The Shively house has always been a center of dark happenings throughout its existence every family that has inhabited the house has experienced a miserable and deadly end. Tonight a group of friends discover the awful truth that lay dormant in the house. The demons have possessed the former grounds keeper Adam (William Martin) to help with their escape and Theadora (Kari Wishingrad) the last in the bloodline of the soothsayers is the only one that can help stop the evil before…

The demons get out

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About Hell House: The Book of Samiel (2008)

Title: Hell House: The Book of Samiel
Year: 2008
Starring: Mike Carlisi; Shelia Kraics; Geof Libby; Jessica Marie; William Martin; Kari Wishingrad; Shoni Alyss
Rating: 3/5 stars from 5 users. Reviews: 5.
Rating: Not available
Runtime: 79 minutes
Director: Jason Morris

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