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Night Shadow (2005) Horror Movie Review

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Night Shadow (2005)

This is supposedly a werewolf flick.  Most of it seems more like a slasher film.  A successful news woman is returning to her small hometown before ramping up her career.  She passes a strange man stranded on the highway.  She can’t stop staring at him but she leaves him behind.  The guy is spooky and has bodies in his trunk.  He get a ride with an old geezer who he kills.  Meanwhile the film takes a turn to show lots of topless guys primping and flexing.  Aldo Ray shows up for no reason as some sort of door-to-door seafood salesman.  In what could be called the main plot, our heroine is visiting her Asian brother (no explanation) as they both stay at the local motel.  Then the first body is discovered.

The rest of the film is made up of some silly plot twists where dumb cops suspect the wrong people, everyone seems to know about the murders, anyone who comes across evidence on the murders fails to make any connection, shirtless fights, accusations, bad acting and some really strange visual fades whenever our heroine sees the killer.  Finally the killer is seen as a werewolf, is battled by some of the main characters and finally finished off in a rather unusual way.  End of story.

We are given the impression that the killer has been following the newswoman but he originally was ahead of her.  Our heroine shows absolutely no talent for investigation as she doesn’t even mention the killer to her Sherif boyfriend even when he is right there.  Although everyone seems to know there is a killer around, when people stumble across his lair and body parts they don’t even think to tell anyone other than to share the cool stuff with their buddies.  You know the film is strange right near the beginning when Kato Kaelin’s girlfriend apparently keeps Preparation-H, Exlax, and such things in her refrigerator.  When the first body is found it is in a dumpster in what looks like the center of town with lots of people walking by.  At a press conference it is mentioned the dumpster was located out on the highway.  The mind boggles at this film and yet it manages to have some sort of charm.  Even while asking yourself what were they thinking and how stupid can the characters be you find yourself having to watch.  My favorite odd scene was showing a small drip of blood coming from the trunk of the killer’s car.  This would have been an effective means of raising the horror levels if it was not shown right after we were shown the bodies in the trunk.  Anyway, this is one of those films that is bad in all the right ways not like some of the new stuff coming out.  This in one of those great bad films like Galaxina or Plan 9 that just needs to be seen and preferably in groups.  Check it out.

About Night Shadow (2005)

Title: Night Shadow
Year: 2005
Starring: Tom Boylan, Dana Chan, Aldo Ray, Orien Richman, Brenda Vance
Rating: 3/5 stars from 5 users. Reviews: 5.
Rating: Unrated
Runtime: 91 minutes
Director: Randolph Cohlan

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