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X-Files Revelations (1995) Horror Movie Review

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X-Files Revelations (1995)

Chris Carter, creator of The X-Files, and Executive Producer Frank Spotnitz have deemed these eight episodes as essential viewing for fans who want to fully experience all the thrills, mysteries and nuances of the upcoming theatrical movie. Exploring themes centering on alien abductions, psychic phenomenon and life forms not quite human, this exclusive collection also features individual introductions explaining why each episode was chosen.


Scully and Mulder investigate the murder of a popular evangelist who claimed, falsely as it turns out...

About X-Files Revelations (1995)

Title: X-Files Revelations
Year: 1995
Starring: Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, Kenneth Welsh, R. Lee Ermey, Michael Berryman, Kevin Zegers, Fulvio Cecere, Lesley Ewen, Brandon Obray, Nicole Robert, Sam Bottoms, Hayley Tyson, Rhys Huber, Veronika Sztopa, Selina Williams
Runtime: 60 minutes
Director: David Nutter
Score: 5 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 3/5 stars from 5 users. Reviews: 5.
Genre: Thriller, Sci-Fi, Drama, Mystery

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