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Darkwalker (2003) Horror Movie Review

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Horror movies Review

Darkwalker (2003)

Crap movie.  There was absolutely no plot as it related to what should have been the horror element of the movie.  Some folks are putting on a haunted house and, OMG, there’s a monster.  We don’t know where it comes from, or why its there, it just is.  And so while the haunted house staffers work, this monster randomly kills.  And the killing is not even interesting; it jumps out, chases its victim for a minute, then sickles them to death.  Wow.  This screams horror.  And why is it that low budget films include the obligatory character that you want to hate?  One of the characters is a spoiled rich girl with a terrible attitude; she completely detracts from the movie and adds nothing.  Why is this such a common theme in low budget horrors?

About Darkwalker (2003)

Title: Darkwalker
Year: 2003
Starring: Kathleen Taylor, Michael Sage (II), David DeWitt (II), Brenda Matthews, Rick Irvin
Rating: 3/5 stars from 5 users. Reviews: 5.
Rating: R (Restricted)
Director: Danny Draven

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