The Color of Magic (2008)

The Color of Magic 2008
+60% Like of 5 votes

Christopher Lee, Brian Cox, Tim Curry, Sean Astin, James Cosmo - Inside a magical realm known as Discworld, a naive tourist is on holiday until a terrible fire breaks out, forcing him to flee along with an incompetent wizard. As the clueless pair set out on a magical…

The Conjuring (2013)

The Conjuring 2013
+77% Like of 52 votes

Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Steve Coulter, Sterling Jerins, Lili Taylor - The Conjuring was one of the most awesomest and scariest movies I have ever seen and that is mainly because it is based on a true story. It is definitely in my top 10 list and on my must watch again list.…

The Convent (2000)

The Convent 2000
+51% Like of 43 votes

Bill Moseley, Adrienne Barbeau, Coolio, Elle Alexander, Theresa Pink - 1959. A Car pulls up in front of the St. Francis Boarding School for Girls and out steps Christine: young and pretty... and carrying a sawed off shotgun. She coolly marches into the chapel where the nuns…

The Covenant (2006)

The Covenant 2006
+71% Like of 7 votes

Stephen McHattie, Kenneth Welsh, Wendy Crewson, Paul Hopkins, Laura Ramsey - In 1692, in the Ipswich Colony of Massachusetts, five families with untold power formed a covenant of silence. One family, lusting for more, was banished, their bloodline disappearing without a trace.…

The Craft (1996)

The Craft 1996
+67% Like of 3 votes

Helen Shaver, Fairuza Balk, Cliff De Young, Robin Tunney, Breckin Meyer - Sarah has always been different. So as the new girl at St. Benedict's Academy, she immediately falls in with the high school outsiders. But these girls won't settle for being powerless misfits.…

The Crazies (2010)

The Crazies 2010
+80% Like of 10 votes

Glenn Morshower, Larry Cedar, Radha Mitchell, Danielle Panabaker, Timothy Olyphant - In this terrifying glimpse into the “American Dream” gone wrong, an unexplainable phenomenon has taken over the citizens of Ogden Marsh. One by one the townsfolk are falling victim to an unknown…

The Crow - Wicked Prayer (2005)

The Crow - Wicked Prayer 2005
+67% Like of 6 votes

Danny Trejo, Dennis Hopper, David Boreanaz, Tara Reid, Marcus Chong - Tara Reid (AMERICAN PIE, MY BOSS'S DAUGHTER), David Boreanaz (TV's BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, ANGEL), and Edward Furlong (TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY, AMERICAN HISTORY X) star in the latest chilling…

The Crush (2000)

The Crush 2000
+60% Like of 5 votes

Richard Blake, Raymond Price, Paul R. Buranosky, Steve Rebarcek, Robert Carson - A precocious and obsessive teenager develops a crush on a naive writer with harrowing consequences. Alicia Silverstone and Cary Elwes star in "a top-notch thriller.

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