Orphan (2009)

Orphan 2009
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Vera Farmiga, Peter Sarsgaard, and Isabelle Fuhrman - A bad seed with a Russian accent, 9-year-old Esther (Isabelle Fuhrman) is a nasty little girl with a nasty little plan. Unfortunately, this malevolent tyke has landed in the home of adoptive parents Kate…

Ouija Board (2009)

Ouija Board 2009
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Marysia Kay, Georgia Goodrick, Ross Maxwell, Candice Edmunds, Lee O'Driscoll, Doug McFarlane Ni - Escaping to the Scottish countryside for a weekend of sex and drugs seemed a good idea to Kerry and her new boyfriend Paul.Lucy, Simon and James want to get in on the fun so they all head off to Paul's…

Outbreak (1995)

Outbreak 1995
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Dustin Hoffman, Rene Russo, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey, and Cuba Gooding Jr. - Catch the fever of "one of the great scare stories of our time" (Roger Ebert) as Dustin Hoffman, Rene Russo and Morgan Freeman race to save life on earth when an unstoppable killer virus hits…

Outerworld - Beyond the Rising Moon (1987)

Outerworld - Beyond the Rising Moon 1987
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Tracy Davis, Hans Bachmann, Michael Mack, and Rick Foucheux - She was genetically engineered by an evil corporation to be the perfect emotionless spy and assassin. Now they can't control her. Asked to kill one too many times and developing feelings she wasn't…

Outland (1981)

Outland 1981
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Sean Connery, Peter Boyle, Frances Sternhagen, James Sikking, and Kika Markham - Outland is another in a long line of Westerns retooled for science fiction. Writer-director Peter Hyams (Capricorn One, 2010, Timecop) restages High Noon in outer space, with Sean Connery as O'Neil,…

Outlander (2008)

Outlander 2008
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Jim Caviezel, Ron Perlman, Sophia Myles, and John Hurt - It s Beowulf vs. The Predator when a spacecraft crashes into Viking-era Norway, bringing with it two bitter enemies, a futuristic warrior and a bloodthirsty creature bent on destroying everything in its…

Outlaw Prophet (2001)

Outlaw Prophet 2001
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Outlaw Prophet and DJ Perry - Don't be put off by the cheesy song during the opening titles. After this there are some shots of a spaceship that are highly reminiscent of the SFX used in the best Science Fiction ever (be it series…

Outpost (2007)

Outpost 2007
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Ray Stevenson, Julian Wadham, and Richard Brake - Set in war-torn Eastern Europe, a band of battle-worn mercenaries undertake a dangerous mission into a no-man's land at the behest of a mysterious businessman. When they locate and secure a disused…

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