Near Dark (1987)

Near Dark 1987
+68% Like of 25 votes

Lance Henriksen, Bill Paxton, Billy Beck, Tim Thomerson, Troy Evans - Country boy Caleb Colton (Adrian Pasdar) likes troubling the local girls when he falls for mysterious and beautiful Mae (Jenny Wright). Caleb throws himself into the crazy world of some outlaw vampires.…

Necromancer (2000)

Necromancer 2000
+60% Like of 5 votes

Michael McConnohie, Ian Abercrombie, Michael Gough, Joanna Cassidy, Castulo Guerra - When simple revenge is not enough! Julie, a sweet blonde co-ed, is raped by a pair of rich kids, Paul and Carl, one night in the school auditorium. To keep her quiet, the rapists threaten to tell her…

Necropolis Awakened (2002)

Necropolis Awakened 2002
+60% Like of 5 votes

Duke White, Brandon White, Garrett White, Brandon Dubisar, Coren Slogowski - The small town of Skyhook has become an experiment for the undead and their leader, Nefarious Thorne. Everyone in town is either dead or part of the undead and it is up to the lone survivor, Bob, to send…

Necrosis (2010)

Necrosis 2010
+60% Like of 5 votes

Luna B., Torsten Deutsch, Bloody Marlen, Ramon Kaltenbach, Ann-Christin Rosenkranz - The cast is excellent. The script is terrificly good. NECROSIS is one of the best slap-stick / scary movies I've seen this year. I borrowed the DVD from my friend over the weekend, and I watched…

Needful Things (1993)

Needful Things 1993
+43% Like of 7 votes

Don S. Davis, Max von Sydow, Lochlyn Munro, Duncan Fraser, Frank C. Turner - Welcome to Castle Rock, Maine, a lovely place to live if you don't mind selling your soul! Oscar® nominees* Ed Harris (A Beautiful Mind) and Max Von Sydow (Minority Report) head an exceptional castincluding…

Neighbor (2010)

Neighbor 2010
+64% Like of 22 votes

Barry Corbin, Andrew Sensenig, Dennis O'Neill, Ryan Harper Gray, Garrett Schenck - Neighbor is the kind of film that defenders of the so-called "torture-[**]" genre have been waiting for. It would be very easy to be dismissive of a film such as this because of all that have…

Nemesis (1998)

Nemesis 1998
+60% Like of 5 votes

Ron Perlman, Stephen McHattie, Robert Vaughn, Michael Biehn, Dale Midkiff - In the industrial wasteland just outside of Los Angeles, circa 2027, there's a covert war raging between the cyborgs and the humans. "86.5% is still human," insists superagent Alex (Jean-Claude…

Never Cry Werewolf (2008)

Never Cry Werewolf 2008
+80% Like of 5 votes

Nina Dobrev, Kevin Sorbo, Von Flores, Nahanni Johnstone, Melanie Leishman - A young girl learns that her mysterious, handsome neighbor is a werewolf.


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