Martin (1978)

Martin 1978
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John Amplas, Lincoln Maazel, Christine Forrest, Elayne Nadeau, Tom Savini - I watched this last night, GREAT movie. This is Romero's favorite movie he's made. It's a very real and disturbing movie about a real life vampire named Martin. He doesn't have any…

Martyrs (2009)

Martyrs 2009
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Catherine Begin, Robert Toupin, Morjana Alaoui, and Mylene Jampanoi - Lucie, a 10 year old girl, is found wandering in the streets, bruised and bloodied. Unable to say who did this to her, or why, she is placed in a hospital where she meets Anna, another young girl who…

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (1994)

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein 1994
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George Asprey, Alfred Bell, Helena Bonham Carter, Richard Briers, and John Cleese - Robert De Niro, Kenneth Branagh, Tom Hulce, Helena Bonham Carter, Aidan Quinn, Ian Holm and John Cleese star in Branagh's acclaimed adaptation of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. True to the original,…

Masters of Horror - Dario Argento - Jenifer (2006)

Masters of Horror - Dario Argento - Jenifer 2006
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Steven Weber, Carrie Fleming, Brenda James, Harris Allan, and Beau Starr - Steven Weber of THE SHINING,THE STAND and DESPERATION stars as Frank Spivey, a detective who rescues a strange young girl (Carrie Anne Fleming) with a horribly disfigured face and lusciously ripe body…

Masters of Horror - Deer Woman (2006)

Masters of Horror - Deer Woman 2006
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Brian Benben, Anthony Griffith, Cinthia Moura, Sonja Bennett, and Julian Christopher - Detective Dwight Faraday (Brian Benben) is a burntout cop demoted to the ‘weird calls’ desk until a series of bizarre murders suddenly grabs his attention: Several men killed by massive blunt force…

Masters of Horror - Dream Cruise (2007)

Masters of Horror - Dream Cruise 2007
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Daniel Gillies, Yoshino Kimura, Miho Ninagawa, Ryo Ishibashi, and Tom Irvine - Daniel Gillies of SPIDER-MAN 2 and 3 stars as an American attorney in Japan whose childhood trauma has left him with a crippling fear of the ocean. But when he begins a dangerous affair with the wife…

Masters of Horror - Fair Haired Child (2006)

Masters of Horror - Fair Haired Child 2006
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Lori Petty, Lindsay Pulsipher, Jesse Haddock, William Samples, and Ian A. Wallace - Deep within the desperate hearts of the bereaved, there is a pact with the forces of darkness that demands new blood to resurrect the souls of the dead. Lori Petty ( A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN and TANK GIRL)…

Masters of Horror - Family (2007)

Masters of Horror - Family 2007
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George Wendt, John B. Scott, Meredith Monroe, Matt Keeslar, and Haley Guiel - It’s a beautiful day in suburbia where mild-mannered bachelor Harold Thompson (George Wendt of CHEERS) is happily at work in his basement building the perfect family. But when a young couple moves…

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