Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn (2010)

Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn 2010
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Jeffrey Byron, Michael Preston, Tim Thomerson, Kelly Preston, and Richard Moll - It is a bit on the B side, BUT, it represents the Genre " post apocalyptic" as well as any and its frakin cool as frak. Just an old movie claiming it place as "A piece of history".

Meteor (2000)

Meteor 2000
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Bibi Besch, Bo Brundin, Joseph Campanella, Sean Connery, and Katherine De Hetre - Outer space can hardly contain all the stars who round out the extraordinary cast in this spellbinding thriller about a five-mile-wide meteor on a catastrophic collision course with earth. Natalie Wood…

Meteor (2009)

Meteor 2009
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Jason Alexander, Stacy Keach, Christopher Lloyd, Michael Rooker, and Marla Sokoloff - Get ready for heart-pounding action, incredible special effects and edge-of-your-seat suspense! When renowned scientist Dr. Lehman (Christopher Lloyd, Back to the Future) makes the terrifying discovery…

Methodic (2009)

Methodic 2009
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Brandon Slagle - Demonically possessed by an ominous presence known as The Dollman , a young boy named Nicholas Matthews is forced to obey his darker half, and ultimately murders his parents. Sentenced to life under a…

Metropolis (2002)

Metropolis 2002
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Toshio Furukawa, Scott Weinger, Yuka Imoto, Kei Kobayashi, and Kouki Okada - Metropolis is a grand city-state populated by humans and robots the cohabitants of a strictly segmented society. Amidst the chaos created by anti-robot factions detective shunsaku ban and his sidekick…

Metropolis (1927)

Metropolis 1927
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Brigitte Helm, Alfred Abel, Gustav Fr??hlich, Rudolf Klein-Rogge, and Fritz Rasp - Fritz Lang's Metropolis belongs to legend as much as to cinema. It's a milestone of sci-fi and German expressionism. Yet the story makes minimal sense, and the "theme" belongs in a…

Metropolis 1927 (2008)

Metropolis  1927 2008
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Alfred Abel and Gustav Frohlich - Metropolis by Fritz Lang (Enhanced) 1927 This film has been enhanced using a Video Enhancement Program that reduces noise and enhances video quality. In the future, Metropolis, is a bustling city-state…

Metropolis/Things to Come (2005)

Metropolis/Things to Come 2005
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Metropolis and Things to Come - The 1 star is solely for the abysmal quality of the prints and disk. The films are true cinema classics that deserve much better treatment. You know you're in for a rough ride when the distributor…

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