M (1998)

M 1998
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Peter Lorre, Ellen Widmann, Inge Landgut, Otto Wernicke, and Theodor Loos - Behind every great suspense thriller lurks the shadow of M. In this, Fritz Lang's first sound film, Peter Lorre delivers a haunting performance as the cinema's first serial killer, a whistling…

M.A.N.T.I. S: Complete Series (2009)

M.A.N.T.I. S: Complete Series 2009
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Carl Lumbly, Gary Graham, Jerry Wasserman, Gary Chalk, and Blu Mankuma - From the creators of The Evil Dead and Army of Darkness comes the crime-fighting saga that beats them all! Using a newly-invented metal exoskeleton which provides superhuman abilities, wheelchair-bound…

Mac and Me (2005)

Mac and Me 2005
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Christine Ebersole, Jonathan Ward, Tina Caspary, Lauren Stanley, and Jade Calegory - Greetings, earthlings. A pint-sized extraterrestrial has just landed on our planet by accident…and he's feeling a little alienated because he got separated from his family upon arrival. Fortunately,…

Macabre (2001)

Macabre 2001
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Bernice Stegers, Stanko Molnar, Veronica Zinny, Roberto Posse, and Ferdinando Orlandi - This one isn't a real mover but it does have a strong plot and is conveyed in a coherent manner. The film is very atmospheric and the indoor shots are very well-done, a problem with a lot of the…

Machete Mamas (2007)

Machete Mamas 2007
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Not available - A group of down on their luck prostitutes decide they've had all they can take after a series of beatings, an abusive madame and their friends turning up dead. They decide to take the law into their own…

Machine Head (2006)

Machine Head 2006
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Josh Walitt, Richard Cowden, Jefferey Stroud, and Sondraya Roew - Welcome to the world of Max Kelp, reviled high-school nerd, who in the agonized pursuit of his twisted dreams travels a road fraught with inner torment and revenge! Obsessed with a theory involving internal…

Machined (2006)

Machined 2006
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David Hayes, Jose Rosete, and Patti Tindall - Collectors have been known to go to extreme lengths to get what they want – for Motor Man Dan, it would be to have his very own serial killer. When an innocent victim becomes trapped in Dan’s…

Machines of Love and Hate (2005)

Machines of Love and Hate 2005
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Eileen Daly; Tina Krause; David Runco; Roland Johnson; Devon Mikolas; Milton Haynes; David Lennemann - A mysterious hitchhiker, who can only remember nightmarish fragments of his past is by a car driven by a beautiful, but deeply troubled young woman. He is whisked to her secluded home where he meets her…


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