Lurkers (1989)

Lurkers 1989
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Christine Moore, Gary Warner, Marina Taylor, Roy MacArthur, and Peter Oliver-Norman - Roberta Findlay a famous [**] Director from the 70's tried her hand in HORROR in the 80's and well the results were.... This movie has Moore as a girl haunted by her mom's death and various…

Lust & Desire in Vegas High Stakes (2004)

Lust & Desire in Vegas High Stakes 2004
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Martyn Jennifer, Phillip Rivera, and Lloyd Kaufman - Lachrymose Lesbians, perverted hillbillies, sex crazed hitch-hikers and a desert of greed and sin, these are all stars of Vegas High Stakes along with Vegas strippers Lust and Desire, beautiful and sensuous…

Lust for Dracula (2004)

Lust for Dracula 2004
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Misty Mundae; Julian Wells - Mina Harker isn't the happiest of Hollywood Hills wives even though she's married to wealthy pharmaceuticals magnate Jonathan Harker. The repressed Mina longs for Jonathan's love and the…

Lust for Frankenstein (2001)

Lust for Frankenstein 2001
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Michelle Bauer, Lina Romay (II), AnalĂ­a Ivars, Amber Newman, and Carlos Subterfuge - Made in 1996 this was one of Jess Franco's last movies and one of his worst. His wife is the "seahag" and while she may be beautiful to Jess she is not to movie viewers.No plot, cheesy…

Lust in the Mummy's Tomb (2002)

Lust in the Mummy's Tomb 2002
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Misty Mundae - Want to see Misty Mundae naked? Dig in. The plot, story, acting, who gives a flying fluck. If you're really looking for any kind of entertainment here other than full frontal naked Misty Mundae and…

Luther the Geek (2005)

Luther the Geek 2005
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Edward Terry, Joan Roth, Stacy Haiduk, Thomas Mills, and Jerry Clarke - A young country boy is plunged into the depths of homicidal madness after witnessing the strange exploits of a carnival "geek", a caged drunk so desperate for whiskey that he bites the heads…

Lying in Wait (2002)

Lying in Wait 2002
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Rutger Hauer, Virginia Madsen, Thomas Newton, Vanessa Dorman, and Ian Buchanan - This is one of those silly thrillers that reveals the truth at the end of the movie. Thomas Gordan (Babee) is next door neighbors to Rutger Hauer (Keith) who is in 1nvolved in a accident after a angry…

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