Killing Machine (2000)

Killing Machine 2000
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So-yun Lee and Dae-tong Kim - After being murdered by her teacher and three brothers, a pretty high school student moonlighting as a prostitute is brought back from the dead thanks to the miracle of technology. Now an unstoppable…

Killing Moon (2000)

Killing Moon 2000
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Daniel Baldwin, Kim Coates, and Penelope Ann Miller - The first time I saw this movie was on HBO last week. I checked out the program guide on screen, and it sounded like a decent movie. I recorded it on my dvr. Although it isn't a 4-5 star movie, it…

Killing Mr. Griffin (1997)

Killing Mr. Griffin 1997
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Scott Bairstow, Amy Jo Johnson, Mario L?pez, Chris Young, and Jay Thomas - Killing Mr. Griffin is an amazing movie that keeps you wondering up until the very end. The movie is as good as the book itself!!

Killjoy (2000)

Killjoy 2000
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Ángel Vargas, Vera Yell, Lee Marks (II), Dee Dee Austin, and Jamal Grimes - Killjoy is AWESOME. A bad plot, horribly over-done acting and Killjoy himself? A masterpiece of cheesy one liners, an even cheesier laugh and mystical evil powers that seem to increase exponentially as…

Killjoy 2: Deliverance from Evil (2002)

Killjoy 2: Deliverance from Evil 2002
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Logan Alexander, Charles Austin (IV), Wayland Geremy Boyd, Aaron Brown (IV), and Jermaine Cheeseboro - this movie is straight up awful, my friends and i go out and rent the worst movies we can find to watch, hoping they will be hilariously bad......unfortunately there is nothing hilarious about this, its…

Kindred the Embraced - The Complete Series (1996)

Kindred the Embraced - The Complete Series 1996
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Stacy Haiduk, Mark Frankel, Kelly Rutherford, Patrick Bauchau, and Brigid Brannagh - Enter the dangerous and sexy world of the undead when vampires clash with mortals and each other in modern-day San Francisco. Five clans of vampires are known as the KINDRED, and in their terrifying embrace,…

King Cobra (1999)

King Cobra 1999
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Hoyt Axton, Megan Blake, Arell Blanton, Gary Bristow, and Cedric Duplechain - In "King Cobra" Scott and David Hillenbrand bring us another giant snake epic. I have seen any number of this genre of films and this is actually one of the more entertaining of the bunch. The…

King Dinosaur (1955)

King Dinosaur 1955
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William Bryant, Wanda Curtis (II), Douglas Henderson, Patti Gallagher, and Marvin Miller - This is a "fun to watch because its so bad" movie. And make no mistake, it's bad. A new planet is discovered and named Nova. We send, instead of astronauts, 4 scientists, to explore the…

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