Killer Buzz (2001)

Killer Buzz 2001
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Gabrielle Anwar, Rutger Hauer, Craig Sheffer, Duncan Regehr, and Jason Brooks - "KILLER BUZZ" is a funny slasher of gore and action ! I recommend this movie for YOU !!!!! KILLER BUZZZZZZZZZZ ! she's here !!

Killer Car (1960)

Killer Car 1960
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Not available - An attractive college couple goes on a road trip with some friends. Their destination: majestic waterfalls far away from civilization. Unfortunately the used car they bought is possessed by the tortured…

Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988)

Killer Klowns from Outer Space 1988
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Grant Cramer, Suzanne Snyder, John Allen Nelson, John Vernon, and Michael Siegel - Finally the truth about clowns is out! Beneath their smirky sinister grins and wildly patterned clothes are clever killers from out of this world. The "juxtaposition of their toy-store arsenal and…

Killer Nun (1979)

Killer Nun 1979
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Anita Ekberg, Paola Morra, Alida Valli, Massimo Serato, and Daniele Dublino - Killer Nun From the Secret Files of the Vatican! Uncut! Uncensored! Unholy! Legendary Swedish sex bomb Anita Ekberg (LA DOLCE VITA) stars as sister Gertrude, a cruel nun who discovers depraved pleasure…

Killer Pad (2008)

Killer Pad 2008
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Sam McMurray, Daniel Franzese, Eric Jungmann, Andy Milonakis, and Shane McRae - When three pals find a sweet deal on a mansion in the Hollywood Hills they think they have struck party gold. But their dreams of sexy Hollywood ladies are quickly thwarted when they realize that their…

Killer Rats (2003)

Killer Rats 2003
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Sara Downing, Amy Parks, Bailey Chase, Michael Zelniker, and Sean Cullen (II) - At Brookdale Institute, where the wealthy fo for rehab, something lurks behind the walls. Years ago, they conducted experiments on lab rats. The scientists have moved on?but the rats remain and have mutated…

Killer Shrews (1959)

Killer Shrews 1959
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James Best and Ingrid Goude - I first saw this in the movies. And let me tell you this is really spooky for kids (or used to be.) We find our selves on an island where a hand full of visitors, including us, find eerie from the beginning.…

Killer Story (2004)

Killer Story 2004
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William Smith, Joe Estevez, and Pat Thomas - Monty and Fortunato, two old-time writers, get locked away in an abandoned saloon by a mysterious stranger and are prodded into out-dueling each other with their storytelling abilities by a sexy woman,who…

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