Invasion of the Body Snatchers (2007)

Invasion of the Body Snatchers 2007
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Veronica Cartwright, Josef Sommer, Nicole Kidman, Jeffrey Wright, Daniel Craig - When filmy spores fall from space and take root in San Francisco, the city is beautifully transformed by spectacular and exotic flowers. But these lovely extraterrestrial blossoms have gruesome plansfor…

Invitation to Hell (1984)

Invitation to Hell 1984
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Michael Berryman, Billy Beck, Joanna Cassidy, Patty McCormack, Kevin McCarthy - A young girl attends her high school reunion in an isolated country house. Soon, it is discovered that there is an evil force lurking that wants to take her as a prisoner for a virgin sacrifice to quench…

Iria - Zeiram The Animation - The Complete Collection (1993)

Iria - Zeiram The Animation - The Complete Collection 1993
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Brion James, Rae Dawn Chong, Mark Hamill, David Abbott, Rachel Hayward - Iria and her brother, Gren, are a pair of young bounty hunters. Dispatched on a standard rescue mission, the duo discovers a terrifying secret. Zeiram, a deadly life form, has been imported in order to…

Iron Man (2008)

Iron Man 2008
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Leslie Bibb, Robert Downey Jr., Tim Guinee, Bill Smitrovich, Paul Bettany - Suit up for action with Robert Downey Jr. in the ultimate adventure movie you've been waiting for, Iron Man! When genius-industrialist Tony Stark is captured in enemy territory, he builds a high-tech…

Is It Real? Vampires (2006)

Is It Real? Vampires 2006
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Rebecca Taylor, Michael Bell, Bob Leatherow, Sean Manchester, Elizabeth Miller - National Geographic explores centuries of vampire lore and legend unearthing new science and insights on superstition and psychology.For most of us, the vampire is a fictional count who became a horror…

Island (2006)

Island 2006
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S. Sharapov, Olga Demidova, Timofey Tribuntsev, A. Yakovlev, Aleksei Zelensky - Region All Blu-Ray pressing. In this action thriller from director Michael Bay (PEARL HARBOR, ARMAGEDDON), survivors of global contamination live in a sterile, self-contained world where their every move…

Island of the Dead (2000)

Island of the Dead 2000
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Malcolm McDowell, Richard Jutras, Paul Hopkins, Andy Bradshaw, Bruce Ramsay - ISLAND OF THE DEAD appears to be a made-for-cable or TV movie, shot in Canada. You can tell because the screen fades to black every 15 minutes or so for the commercial break. This is a very low budget…

Isolation (2005)

Isolation 2005
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Ruth Negga, John Lynch, Essie Davis, Sean Harris, Marcel Iures - On a dark winter's night, a pregnant cow screams out in agony on Dan's Farm. Dan is trying to deliver he calf but there is a problem. Something has gone terribly wrong with the calf inside the…

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