Ghost Game (2006)

Ghost Game 2006
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Alexandra Barreto, Shelby Fenner, Curt Cornelius, Aaron Patrick Freeman, and Robert Berson - At a weekend retreat in the mountains, three young couples discover much more than they bargained for when they stumble upon a mysterious game in the cellar... a Ghost Game. Once the ancient box is opened,…

Ghost Hound: The Complete Collection (2010)

Ghost Hound: The Complete Collection 2010
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Akiko Yajima, Jun Fukuyama, Kensho Ono, and Souichiro Hoshi - I was waiting long for this great piece of anime to get on Blu Ray, and after all, I'm more then satisfied with what I got here. The picture is superb, and adding a lot detail compared to the HDTV…

Ghost Hunt: Season 1, Part 2 (2008)

Ghost Hunt: Season 1, Part 2 2008
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GHOST HUNT - The dead have something to say... The appeal of the unknown is undeniable and freshman Mai Taniyama is hooked. This fact, coupled with her burgeoning psychic powers, leads Mai to join the ranks of the…

Ghost in the Shell (1998)

Ghost in the Shell 1998
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Atsuko Tanaka, Iemasa Kayumi, Akio Ôtsuka, Tamio Ôki, and Kôichi Yamadera - The skillful blending of drawn animation and computer-generated imagery excited anime fans when this science fiction mystery was released in 1995: many enthusiasts believe Ghost suggests what the future…

Ghost in the Shell 2.0 (2009)

Ghost in the Shell 2.0 2009
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Steve Davis, Richard George, William Knight, Hank Smith, and William Frederick - A film that has spawned a thousand imitations but never been bettered – Mamoru Oshii’s legendary anime film GHOST IN THE SHELL returns in a stunning new edition remastered by Oshii himself.…

Ghost Lake (2005)

Ghost Lake 2005
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Tatum Adair, Linda Brown, Azure Sky Decker, Gena Decker, and Jordan Decker - Rebecca still grieving the death of her parents takes a trip to the lake where she & her parents used to spend their summers. Once there she witnesses an escalating series of horrific events. The…

Ghost Machine (2009)

Ghost Machine 2009
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Luke Ford, Sean Faris, and Rachel Taylor - A group of young U.S. military techs borrow a top-secret combat simulator for a weekend of unauthorized gaming. But when they set up the system inside an abandoned prison used for the torture of post-9/11…

Ghost Rider (2007)

Ghost Rider 2007
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Nicolas Cage, Eva Mendes, Sam Elliott, Matt Long, and Raquel Alessi - Johnny Blaze (Nicolas Cage) was only a stunt-biking teenager when he sold his soul to the devil (Peter Fonda). Years later, Johnny is a world-renowned daredevil by day, but at night, he becomes the Ghost…

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