Eyes Front (2008)

Eyes Front 2008
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Michael Madsen and Christopher Stapleton - This chilling look into the tormented minds of two killers from completely different walks of life explores the thin line between good and evil. In a hallucinatory adventure of the senses, a crazed murderer…

Eyes of a Stranger (2007)

Eyes of a Stranger 2007
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Lauren Tewes, Jennifer Jason Leigh, John DiSanti, Peter DuPre, and Gwen Lewis - A reporter protects her disabled sister from a psychopathic killer. From the producers of "Friday the 13th" comes this terrifying suspense thriller, featuring "Love Boat" star Lauren…

Eyes of the Werewolf (2004)

Eyes of the Werewolf 2004
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Tim Sullian and Stephanie Beaton - A laboratory accident leaves Rich blind and at the mercy of an unscrupulous surgeon who performs an accidental eye transplant. Unknown to everyone, the eyes were stolen from a werewolf. All hell breaks…

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