Dragonstorm (2005)

Dragonstorm 2005
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Tony Amendola, Maxwell Caulfield, John Rhys-Davies, Richard Wharton, and Angel Boris - After meteorites fall to Earth in a medieval land, fire-breathing dragons emerge from the rubble to terrorize the countryside, bringing death and destruction. A team of six fighters will have to band…

Draniac (2008)

Draniac 2008
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Alexandra Boylan and Georgia Hatzis - Cult horror director and special fx master Brett Piper has built an impressive filmography featuring some of the most outrageous B monster movies produced over the last 20 years including Screaming Dead,…

Dread (2010)

Dread 2010
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Jackson Rathbone and Shaun Evans - Stephen (Jackson Rathbone, the TWILIGHT saga) and Cheryl are college students making a documentary about what people dread in life. But they have no idea that their partner, Quaid, witnessed his parents…

Dream Home (2006)

Dream Home 2006
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Mia X; Corey Stills; Chantelle Winchester - When the Cromiers a young married couple move into their gorgeous new home in rural Louisiana they feel like they've died and gone to Heaven. Unfortunately the ghosts that haunt the house threaten…

Dream Warrior (2004)

Dream Warrior 2004
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Sherilyn Fenn, Isaac Hayes, Lance Henriksen, Richard Norton, and Daniel Goddard - The Ultimate Battle For Human Survival The Apocalypse has come: an asteroid has destroyed the world and civilization as we know it. Out of the rubble rises a new world order including humans and human-looking…

Dreamcatcher (2009)

Dreamcatcher 2009
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Rosemary Dunsmore, Jon Kasdan, Eric Keenleyside, Campbell Lane, and Michael O'Neill - Regardless of its critical roasting, Dreamcatcher is a must-see for Stephen King fans. In adapting King's epic novel (itself an amalgam of familiar King plotlines), director Lawrence Kasdan and cowriter…

Dreamland (2007)

Dreamland 2007
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Jonathan Breck, Billie Joe Armstrong, Shane Elliott, and Jackie Kreisler - In the vein of The X-Files and The Twilight Zone! Stranded in the Nevada mountains between Las Vegas and Reno in the desolate and radiation-poisoned nuclear testing grounds of Dreamland, young couple…

Dreams of the Dead (2009)

Dreams of the Dead 2009
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Cathy Loch and Tony Rugnetta - For 15 years the large estate of Samuel Arnold has stood silent and empty. From its darkened windows, dark and foreboding eyes stare out from behind the glass. But like a midwinter's breeze in the…

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