Dark Forces (2004)

Dark Forces 2004
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Robert Powell, David Hemmings, Carmen Duncan, Broderick Crawford, and Gus Mercurio - Known in the rest of the world as HARLEQUIN, this modern mystical "Svengali" story with a twist has never had a decent home video release. Shot in expressive widescreen Panavision it doesn't translate…

Dark Forces (2008)

Dark Forces 2008
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David Hemmings, Robert Powell, Carmen Duncan, and Gus Murcurio - A modern-day politician is faced with an incomprehensible power in this startling, award-winning supernatural thriller. Senator Rast holds a powerful government position, but he s no match to the extraordinary…

Dark Forest of Death (2009)

Dark Forest of Death 2009
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Lee Jong-hyuk and Soh Yi-Hyun - Four campers embark on a mountain climbing trip to a forbidden mountain where few people travel. There will be no cell phone reception, no police, just four people in this sinister forest. When one of…

Dark Fury - The Chronicles of Riddick (Animated) (2004)

Dark Fury - The Chronicles of Riddick (Animated) 2004
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Vin Diesel, Rhiana Griffith, Keith David, Roger Jackson, and Tress MacNeille - Extend The Chronicles of Riddick experience with this all-new, visionary animated film that bridges the incredible stories of Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick . Starring Vin Diesel as the voice…

Dark Half (2000)

Dark Half 2000
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Timothy Hutton, Amy Madigan, Michael Rooker, Julie Harris, and Robert Joy - Although it lacks the creepy subtleties of Stephen King's celebrated novel, George Romero's underrated adaptation of The Dark Half ranks among the best films based on King's fiction, with…

Dark Harvest (2004)

Dark Harvest 2004
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Paul Moore, Aimee Cox, Jeanie Cheek, Jessica Dunphy, and Jennifer Leigh - The hunt is on when something unnatural comes back to life - and its ready to harvest some new victims. Studio: Lions Gate Home Ent. Release Date: 09/14/2004 Starring: Don Digiulio Jennifer Leigh Run…

Dark Harvest 2 (2005)

Dark Harvest 2 2005
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Ralph Baber, Paul Bugelski, Jeanie Cheek, Booty Chewning, and Amiee Cox - DARK HARVEST 2 (DVD MOVIE)

Dark Harvest 3: Skarecrow(2004) (2006)

Dark Harvest 3: Skarecrow(2004) 2006
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Joel James, Tim James (IX), Doyle James, Tim Booth, and Daryl Pope - In the backwoods of Tennessee, an age-old curse resurfaces and takes revenge on a group of young kids on a weekend getaway at the family cabin. In 1921, the wicked James brothers plotted the murder of…

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