Dark City (2008)

Dark City 2008
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John Bluthal, Jennifer Connelly, Colin Friels, Frank Gallacher, and William Hurt - The critically-acclaimed triumph from visionary director Alex Proyas (I, Robot, The Crow) is back with a brand new directors cut featuring enhanced picture and sound, never-before-seen footage and three…

Dark Corners (2007)

Dark Corners 2007
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Thora Birch, Toby Stephens, Christien Anholt, Joanna Hole, and Lorraine Bruce - This Lynchian nightmare stars Thora Birch (AMERICAN BEAUTY) as a woman who can't escape her bad dreams. The line begins to blur between reality and the horror that lives in her mind making everyone--including…

Dark Country (2009)

Dark Country 2009
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Thomas Jane and Ron Perlman - In his feature film directorial debut, Thomas Jane (HBO's Hung, The Punisher) stars in this suspenseful horror thriller. Also starring Lauren German (Hostel: Part II) and Ron Perlman (Hellboy II:…

Dark Craving (2004)

Dark Craving 2004
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Kevin Kindlin, Moon Unit Zappa, Tom Savini, John Hall (III), and Tommy Lafitte - Originally known as Heartstopper (a title meant to capitalize on the success of Hellraiser), Dark Craving was directed and written by John A. Russo, who also is (not so well) known for directing low-budget…

Dark Dreamers (2009)

Dark Dreamers 2009
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Stanley Wiater, Forrest J. Ackerman, Wes Craven, and Clive Barker - Meet the Dark Dreamers. Join award-winning author Stanley Wiater as he interviews the world's greatest horror/fantasy writers, artists, actors and filmmakers in close-up, insightful conversations…

Dark Fantasy (2008)

Dark Fantasy 2008
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Christoph A. Nowaczyk, Danielle Simone, and Darius Holiday - Trapped in an unfulfilling, mundane routine, it takes Art (Christoph A. Nowaczyk) a night out with his co-worker to realize what he knew all along. He's merely a pawn in society's game. Determined…

Dark Fields (2006)

Dark Fields 2006
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Jenna Scott, Lindsay Dell, and Eric Phillion - A carefree trip to a concert becomes a living nightmare for Taylor Justine and their friends. Stranded cold and out of gas these teens are about to discover the grisly truth behind the slaughter season.System…

Dark Floors (2008)

Dark Floors 2008
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William Hope, Ronald Pickup, Leon Herbert, Noah Huntley, and Skye Bennett - A father and his autistic daughter try to escape a hospital that has mysteriously become a portal for dark creatures from a different world. Starring members of the internationally successfull heavy metal…

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