Creepshow III (2007)

Creepshow III 2007
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Stephanie Pettee, Roy Abramsohn, Susan Schramm, Bunny Gibson, and Matt Fromm - Creepshow III consist of five vignettes of horror and humor. In "Alice", a teenage girl finds her family has changed... or maybe it's her? In "The Radio" security guard Jerry…

Critters (1986)

Critters 1986
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Dee Wallace, M. Emmet Walsh, Billy Green Bush, Scott Grimes, and Nadine Van der Velde - Carnivorous aliens who feed on human flesh invade Earth. Starring Dee Wallace-Stone and M. Emmet Walsh. Year: 1986 Director: Stephen Herek Starring: Dee Wallace-Stone, M. Emmet Walsh, Billy Green Bush

Critters 2 - The Main Course (1988)

Critters 2 - The Main Course 1988
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Terrence Mann, Don Keith Opper, Cynthia Garris, Scott Grimes, and Al Stevenson - When two-year-old Krite eggs hatch, a new litter of bloodthirsty hairballs is unleashed.

Critters 3 - You Are What They Eat (1991)

Critters 3 - You Are What They Eat 1991
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John Calvin, Aimee Brooks, Christian Cousins, Joseph Cousins, and William Dennis Hunt - Flesh-starved furballs invade an L.A.

Critters 4 - They're Invading Your Space (1991)

Critters 4 - They're Invading Your Space 1991
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Don Keith Opper, Terrence Mann, Paul Whitthorne, Anders Hove, and Angela Bassett - Genetically engineered ``Super Critters`` are unleashed to conquer the galaxy.

Cronos (1993)

Cronos 1993
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Federico Luppi, Ron Perlman, Claudio Brook, Margarita Isabel, and Tamara Shanath - Guillermo del Toro's first feature length film Cronos is visually striking and takes a completely different spin on the classic vampire tale. Cronos follows the life/death of Jesus Gris (Federico…

Crossworlds (1998)

Crossworlds 1998
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Rutger Hauer, Josh Charles, Stuart Wilson (II), Andrea Roth, and Perry Anzilotti - Imagine a place where all dimensions of the universe collide. When joe laura and a.T. Enter the crossworlds a mystical valley good and evil collide in an epic series of spectacular battles that stretches…

Crowley (2009)

Crowley 2009
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John Shrapnel and Simon Callow - He was known as " The Wickedest Man in the World" or simply 'The Beast'. More than 60 years after his death, the demonic life and works of British occultist Aleister Crowley has continued…

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