Creepshow 2 (1987)

Creepshow 2 1987
+58% Like of 26 votes

Lois Chiles, George Kennedy, Dorothy Lamour, Tom Savini, Domenick John - Michael Gornick's 1987 sequel to George A. Romero's "Creepshow", simply titled "Creepshow 2" is a very good horror film. This time around, instead of directing, Romero just…

Creepshow III (2006)

Creepshow III 2006
+55% Like of 20 votes

Stephanie Pettee, Roy Abramsohn, Susan Schramm, Bunny Gibson, and Matt Fromm - Creepshow III consist of five vignettes of horror and humor. In "Alice", a teenage girl finds her family has changed... or maybe it's her? In "The Radio" security guard Jerry…

Critters (1986)

Critters 1986
+50% Like of 6 votes

Dee Wallace, M. Emmet Walsh, Billy Green Bush, Scott Grimes, and Nadine Van der Velde - Carnivorous aliens who feed on human flesh invade Earth. Starring Dee Wallace-Stone and M. Emmet Walsh. Year: 1986 Director: Stephen Herek Starring: Dee Wallace-Stone, M. Emmet Walsh, Billy Green Bush

Critters 2 - The Main Course (1988)

Critters 2 - The Main Course 1988
+60% Like of 5 votes

Terrence Mann, Don Keith Opper, Cynthia Garris, Scott Grimes, and Al Stevenson - When two-year-old Krite eggs hatch, a new litter of bloodthirsty hairballs is unleashed.

Cronos (1993)

Cronos 1993
+65% Like of 17 votes

Federico Luppi, Ron Perlman, Claudio Brook, Margarita Isabel, and Tamara Shanath - Guillermo del Toro's first feature length film Cronos is visually striking and takes a completely different spin on the classic vampire tale. Cronos follows the life/death of Jesus Gris (Federico…

Crossworlds (1996)

Crossworlds 1996
+60% Like of 5 votes

Rutger Hauer, Josh Charles, Stuart Wilson (II), Andrea Roth, and Perry Anzilotti - Imagine a place where all dimensions of the universe collide. When joe laura and a.T. Enter the crossworlds a mystical valley good and evil collide in an epic series of spectacular battles that stretches…

Crowley (2009)

Crowley 2009
+50% Like of 6 votes

John Shrapnel and Simon Callow - He was known as " The Wickedest Man in the World" or simply 'The Beast'. More than 60 years after his death, the demonic life and works of British occultist Aleister Crowley has continued…

Cube (1997)

Cube 1997
+75% Like of 8 votes

Nicole de Boer, Maurice Dean Wint, David Hewlett, Andrew Miller, and Nicky Guadagni - Cube (1997) is a science fiction psychological Canadian horror movie that blew me away. I sat in my seat and did not budge until the movie was finished. Some movies that may have borrowed some scenes…

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