Hellbenders (2012)

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72% Like of 152 Total Votes
Release Date: October 18, 2013
Starring Larry Fessenden, Clancy Brown, Clifton Collins Jr., Lauren Francesca
Directed by J.T. Petty
152 votes, 3.55 / 5 avg. rating (71% score)

Clancy Brown is attached to Hellbenders so you know that caught my attention. J.T. Petty's Hellbenders looks epically funny supernatural horror-comedy and also stars Dan Fogler, Andrew Royo and Clifton Collins Jr. round out the cast. Hellbenders debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) back in 2012 where Lionsgate quickly snatched it up. You have to check this horror comedy out!

The film follows the Order of Hellbound Saints (Brooklyn Parish), a highly secretive and profoundly blasphemous men of God, as they battle demonic forces too terrible to be cast out by traditional Vatican-approved methods.


The Augustine Interfaith Order of Hellbound Saints, a team of blasphemous ministers who live in a constant state of debauchery, work to drag the worst of demons back to Hell. |
Cast Larry Fessenden, Clancy Brown, Clifton Collins Jr., Lauren Francesca, Stephen Gevedon, Dan Fogler, Carole Langan, Edoardo Ballerini, Justin Little, Larry Block, Lisa-Marie Long, Patricia Bruno, Samantha Buck, Giovanna Maimone, Dan Chen, Raymond Mamrak, Nadim Choudhary, Ronald De Suze, Brian Donahue, Diana Fuller, Corey Gegner, Caryll Gordon, Andre Royo, Michelle Hill, Robyn Rikoon, Keith Johnson, Macon Blair, Jaiden Kaine, Jacqueline Knapp, Aaron Auslender
Directors J.T. Petty
Genres Horror, Thriller, Comedy
Year 2012
Runtime 85
MPAA Rating R
Writers J.T. Petty
Producers David Alpert, Miranda Bailey, Jon S. Denny, David Engel, Jonathan Gray, Gregor Habsburg, Matthew Leutwyler, Lawrence Mattis, Kelly McCormick, David Moscow, Remy Moses, Lois Shaffer Oda, Mark L. Pederson, Jay Rifkin, Aldey Sanchez, Mark Santora, Rico Simonini
Musicians Jeff Grace
Cinematographers Ryan Samul
Editors Jacob Craycroft, Joel Plotch

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