Lovely Molly

71% Like of 28 Total Votes
Release Date: May 18, 2012
Starring Daniel Ross, Johnny Lewis, Kenny Caperton, Rosemary Knower
Directed by Eduardo Sánchez
28 votes, 3.55 / 5 avg. rating (71% score) When newlywed Molly Reynolds returns to her long-abandoned family home, frightful reminders of a nightmarish childhood begin seeping into her new life. She soon begins an inexorable descent into an evil that blurs the lines between psychosis and possession.
Run Time: 99min.Starring: Gretchen Lodge, Johnny Lewis, Alexandra HoldenDirector(s): Eduardo Sanchez


Newlywed Molly moves into her deceased father's house in the countryside, where painful memories soon begin to haunt her.
Cast Daniel Ross, Johnny Lewis, Kenny Caperton, Rosemary Knower, Kevin Murray, Field Blauvelt, Gray Ellis, Gretchen Lodge, Bethany Hoffman, Alexandra Holden, Lauren Lakis, Camilla Zaidee Bennett, Dan Manning, Katie Foster, Mark Redfield, Doug Roberts, Alexis Savage, Bus Howard, Shane Tunney, Josh Jones, Brandon Thane Wilson, Craig Sechler, Brenna McDonough, Andrew Vona, Caren Anton, Andrew White, John Judy, Erik Young, Matthew Bowerman, Ken Arnold
Directors Eduardo Sánchez
Genres Horror, Drama
Year 2011
Runtime 99
MPAA Rating R
Nominations 4
Writers Jamie Nash, Eduardo Sánchez
Producers Robin Cowie, Bob Eick, Jane Fleming, Gregg Hale, Andy Jenkins, Joe Nagy, Matthew Nagy, Mark Ordesky
Cinematographers John Rutland
Editors Eduardo Sánchez, Andrew Vona

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Lovely Molly Full Movie Poster

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Lovely Molly - UK Poster

Lovely Molly - UK Poster

Lovely Molly will be coming to the UK in a limited theatrical run starting this upcoming June 29, 2012. Lovely Molly looks demented and twisted and therefore like a great movie to watch. I need a good demon monster movie this 2012.

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