Fading of the Cries

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Release Date: July 08, 2011
Starring Brad Dourif, Mackenzie Rosman, Chris Brewster, Thomas Ian Nicholas
Directed by Steven Maguire
2 votes, 2.5 / 5 avg. rating (50% score) When the forces of darkness beset a small farming community, a young man takes up his mighty sword to protect an innocent girl and prevent her antique necklace from falling into the hands of a diabolical tyrant. Mathias (Brad Dourif) covets the necklace given to Sarah (Hallee Hirsh) by her uncle (Thomas Ian Nicholas). But Jacob (Jordan Matthews) is determined to protect Sarah. As the young pair is beset by demons, Sarah uncovers a secret that causes her to reconsider her animosity toward her sister (Mackenzie Rosman) and their mother (Elaine Hendrix). Later, as the demons close in on Jacob and Sarah, the young hero realizes he must return to the place where his life was destroyed in order to defeat Mathias once and for all.


Evil is resurrected in a small town threatening to destroy mankind, and the only force that can stop it is a young man wielding a powerful sword. |
Cast Brad Dourif, Mackenzie Rosman, Chris Brewster, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Taylor Thompson, Philip J Silvera, Lateef Crowder, Heidi Shepherd, Scott Lilly, Paul McCarthy-Boyington, Jessica Morris, Stuart Hirsch, Patrick Hughes, Daniel Kennedy, Martin R. Mikolajczyk, Tom Portanova, Hallee Hirsh, Marla Rea, Julia Whelan, UltraLove, Mark VanKirk, Ryan Bartley, Harry Zimm, Elaine Hendrix, Jordan Matthews, Pamela Clay, Diana de Mol, Court Dickert, Daniel Gonzalez, Chris Graue
Directors Steven Maguire
Genres Horror, Action, Fantasy, Mystery
Year 2010
Runtime 94
MPAA Rating R
Writers Steven Maguire, Brian A. Metcalf
Producers Ben Chan, Karoline Kautz, Jordan Matthews, Brian A. Metcalf, Thomas Ian Nicholas
Musicians Nathaniel Levisay
Cinematographers Brad Rushing

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Fading Of The Cries

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