Famous Serial Killers


He killed over 14 women and he was worshipping Satan. On trial, he raised his hand and showed to everyone inside, a pantagram drawn on his hand. It shocked all the States. To kill his victim, he used a .22 calibre and always shot in the head, but only to kill husbands. And after doing it, he raped the girl and kill them. When they caught him, inside the trial room, he was turning back to stare at his victim’s family. He got married in the Death Row with one of his fan. He was listening to Heavy Metal. But the thing is that he was worshipping Satan because he thought that Satan gave him capacities. Submitted by LordSataniel

Richard Ramirez Aka. Night Stalker

Famous Killers: Richard Ramirez Aka. Night Stalker

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Serial Killers: Famous Serial Killers List.