Famous Serial Killers

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All time recorded serial killers with complete profiles with murders/victims.

Randy Steven Kraft


Randy-Steven-KraftRandy Steven Craft is a serial killer who was once thought to be three individual killers. He is known as "The Score Card Killer" and  "The Freeway…

Richard Angelo


Richard-AngeloRichard Angelo was a former Eagle Scout and a former volunteer fireman. He really wanted to be a hero and save someone to achieve that status. However,…

Richard Ramirez Aka. Night Stalker


Richard-Ramirez-Aka-Night-StalkerHe killed over 14 women and he was worshipping Satan. On trial, he raised his hand and showed to everyone inside, a pantagram drawn on his hand. It shocked…

Robert William "Willie" Pickton


Robert-William-quotWilliequot-PicktonMore info coming soon!

Rosemary West


Rosemary-WestMore info coming soon!

Roy Norris


Roy-NorrisRoy Lewis Norris is also known as The Toolbox Killer. Roy Norris was born on February 2, 1948. Norris was sentenced to life imprisonment for the crimes…