List of Famous Serial Killers List : 65 Results

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Famous killers of all time recorded as researched. Serial killers assorted by your votes as most interesting. We have searched the internet but have not been satistfied with the other lists of famous serial killers out there so we decided to improve on what was found. We are not trying to idolize these famous murderers but shed some light on the history of these killers and their bio's. The FBI create serial killer profiles and in respect we are trying to do the same.

Famous Serial Killers

Patrick Kearney - Serial Killer

Patrick Kearney

28 NA
+56% of 18 Votes Interested

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Alvin & Judith Ann Neelley - Serial Killer

Alvin & Judith Ann Neelley

15 NA
+55% of 29 Votes Interested

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Pedro Alonso Lopez - The Monster of the Andes - Serial Killer
57 300
+55% of 31 Votes Interested

Pedro Alonzo Lopez was set free from in jail in 1998 although he killed over 350 children and he also vowed to kill again before he was release from prison. He is one of histories abominable killer.  Pedro…

Dennis Rader - Serial Killer
10 NA
+55% of 11 Votes Interested

Dennis Lynn Rader is also known as the BTK Killer or BTK Strangler and was born March 9, 1945. BTK stands for "Bind, Torture, Kill" in which he detailed in his letters to the police and local news describing…

Kendall Francois - Serial Killer

Kendall Francois

8 9
+53% of 17 Votes Interested

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Note: If you know of any serial killers, please submit their name, proven kills and unproven kills. Thank You