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Summer's Romance

The way they watch you,
The way your sexy lips move,
When you smile,
The way your muscles flex heavenly,
As you throw a football,
The way your sexy arse flexed,
With each step,
Without my eyes,
No wonderful bliss would grace me,
It was my eyes that brought us together,
It was my eyes that saw you,
The graceful way you tread upon the ground,
The way your enticing muscles flexed,
 As you waved to your friends,
Eyes are the one thing we need,
Without them no juicy lips of yours would grace me,
No colors would show,
No hands would wave,
It seemed that my eyes stared at you forever,
But then you broke that silence,
You turned your head,
And our eye’s met,
I could feel the blush creeping up my face,
I could see your lustful lips slowly pulling into a smile,
I watched as your friends pulled you away,
I watched you leave up that hill,
I watched you laugh and smile,
Without my eyes,
No lustful feelings would arouse,
It’s what brings two lovers together,
 Two bodies move to the rhythm,
And only they seem to exist,
My thoughts swirl,
As I stare at the moving bodies,
I envy the way they move,
The way they dance,
The way the bytches seduce their prey,
I tap my foot,
Listening to the beat,
But to afraid to dance,
I am afraid that I’d falter,
Or mess up,
In front of you,
You probably don’t think I notice your stare,
But trust me,
I can feel the heat from your intensive green eyes,
Then a familiar tune fills the air,
Now it’s not just my feet that’s in the rhythm,
I feel my legs bob,
My hands start to move,
And I yell,
My hands fly all over the place,
And I don’t realize the girl I pushed off stage,
When the song ends,
My face fills up with realization,
I feel your stare,
But not just yours,
Everyone else’s too,
I groan,
And run to the other side of the stage,
Away from all the stares,
Then out of nowhere,
I hear a laugh,
My inside’s start to burn,
I knew that laugh,
I’ve heard it a million times before,
I’ve heard it while stalking you.
Then I notice your muscles flexing,
As you stand up,
I swear my heart stopped,
As you walked towards me,
You were so close,
I felt the heat radiating off your body,
As you stand next to me,
Your hands brushes against mine,
The music slows,
I stare longingly at the couples,
With their hands intertwined,
You see my longing,
And asked for a dance,
My face crimson red,
Only nods,
Your lips pull into a smile,
As you lead me through the crowd,
As you intertwine our hands,
I feel like I’m floating,
We slowly drift to the music,
          My head next to yours,
Our eyes inter lock,
Before I have time to breathe,
Our lips meet,
The music stops,
As it drew you near,
It also threw us apart,
But before you leave,
You whisper me goodbye,
They are something magical,
They die each day,
But shine each night,
That’s what I thought,
As I lied on the wet grass,
Soon the show would begin,
The stars would fall,
I scan the darkened field for you,
But the darkness hides you,
All I see are moving figures,
I can hear some giggles too,
My face searches the stars,
As loneliness creeps towards me,
I hoped I would watch this night with you,
But you seem to not know I exist,
My heart begins to fall,
As I watch the first star fall,
I made my first wish,
But I doubted it would come true,
All around me I could smell perfume,
Warm hot chocolate,
And a smell of fresh cut wet grass,
But then a new smell filled the air,
It was your cologne,
I whipped my head around,
And you were there,
Just standing there,
 Smiling in my direction,
Again my words failed me,
But again your words saved me,
You asked me if this spot was taken,
And with a shake of my head,
I saw the sexiest smile in the world,
My breathe stopped,
All I could think about,
 Was how damn f-in hot you were,
You pointed towards the sky,
As another star fell,
You told me your wish,
And scarlet red filled my face,
Very shakily I said yes,
And from that moment,
You stole my heart,
And the stars were so angry,
That they fell through the sky,
And out of our sight,

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