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So now the fight have started for real!

So now i started my full fight with Michael or Mikaiel as his name is prounced at the language of the immortals. But its not easy thats for sure When i suck out his life force he just replenish by eating from the christians. So this will be a long fight indeed. But then i will atleast force him to kill his belivers himself. So he stop enslaving them.
So i started to injure some plans of his destined ones. He losen more and more controll over them. So they started to feel what they really feel. And of course he is mad as hell and attacking hard. Lucky i regenrate as fast as i do otherwise this would have been a tough ride. I wont be able to beat him for the next century thats is one thing that is for certain.
So far its pretty much a tie. He attack me i attack him. Wish i had my old power at the level i was before i got tricked by my so called beloved. Then i would have wooped him. But now i am limited because of my body.
He knows that and using that to his advantage.
He change name all the time so saying i want to eat up Michael does not work. Only saying the god who prevents people who wants to die from dying is the phrase that needs to be spoken. If he stops with that then the system getting damaged and that he cant do he knows that.
Why i write this here is so everyone that are in his grip can understand why they starting to feel so depressed. Without his spirit its like a drug that is removed and you getting depressed.
So another days of battle with him will continue. I have always wondered who is the true enslaver and thanks to someone here i finally figured it out and he is mad as hell because of that.
That person wrote something that could not have been a dream so i found him thanks to that person.
Science is our fight. As i using magic against him he counter and only time can tell where this will leads but one thing is certain when a false god (however not weak, He could easily destroy a normal humans mind in a moment) and the pack leader starting to fight then the planet will notice it.
The people will go nuts and the war will go out of limit everywhere. So will the nature.
But in the end it will be worth it.
Let the reinkarnation martyr slaves cheer with their spirits because the enslaver is soon gone.

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