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Another hellhorror day

Well now its time for me to do some training and earn my existance. I have had many interesting conflicts today with different people. I got myself two promising disciples that will try to walk the path of the wolf.
I have had many discussions about different things here. Sheesh all my friends here are girls except 2 guys.
Of course there is nothing wrong with girls but it just that i have had to many bad experiences with them and magic. But i can never pull them all over the same line that is not fair.
Its so sad male disciples are so much weaker then girl disciples but they become more stable when they finally reach their goal.
Have had a hard discussion with Vampire who think i lie about my powers and so. Kind of funny that she never asked me to prove it :) I never back down from proving my powers. I am a scientist after all. Power without proof is just wishes and wings.
So many here want to meet real vampires and Werewolves... And i scratch myself and think do they really know what they want? I mean a immortal beeing is a demon a monster. Not something you can just watch and say wow cool.
The brain doesn´t work that way. It have filters that is called sanity filters. If those filters is moved to much the brain will go nuts and the person will go insane.
Everytime i prove my powers the sanity filters in the persons brain starting to kick in. If they fail it they become afraid and perhaps insane in the end if they handle it they can start to reach higher.

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