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Glory to science.

Science have really done wonders for all times. With science there is no believes. Magic is science, spirit powers are science and Technology is science.
And i really like to read about the progression of the scientists. They have found out so much and still it exist so much more to find so they have not even scratched the surface of all technology that can be reached.
I hope they someday reach Nano Technology then they can be one of the great races in this universe. But that would probably not happen. Nosferatu would probably destroy them before they reach that level of technology.
To reach energy technology (cursed be it´s existance) wich would be needed to defeat the Nosferatus technology they would need to defeat the Iels themself and that is not possible not even with the help of the Werewolves.
Its so easy to destroy a civilisation on a planet if you are race in space. Just guide a rock towards the planet and booom that race all progress is gone. Not even Superman the most stupid overpowered cartoon figure every could stop 10 comets from diferent directions that will all hit the earth.
But so far that will probably not happen... i hope. But the earth´s poles are shifting and the leaders does not listen. And how can this civilisation handle a poleshift? Well i know the other one that is forgotten today got destroyed and that civilisation was allot more advanced then this one is.
But who knows, maby a surprise will show up. Maby they will put their differences aside and work together. Give up religions and other stupid believes. So far USA have started to get more and more Atheists wich is good. The dark father is god but he does not evolve himself with the lower plane so for them he does not exist and they will feel so much better if they dont know that he does exist.
Atheists are the saviours or this insane world. Now when i am here the spirits who want to be destroyed will not suffer anymore so then the pain will end in time. But for those who want to exist the Atheists time is needed. Science and Atheism that is the future of mankind and probably the only thing that can save it from beeing destroyed by themself.
As a Werewolf i will see this civilisation die and come back and die and come back and die and come back. But i can guide them as long as the rules allow me to.
Guess i also show this for everyone. Perhaps it gives people new thoughts and ideas.

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