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Werewolfs coming back.

And Samael thought this was pointless. Pttttfff here i will find my new pack. Here the people who truly wish to walk on the path of the wolf will get a chance of doing so.
I will do as my former me did. But this time no shortcuts for anyone. This time it will be as it is planned.
Those with enough hate and want to walk the path will be changed. So no shortcuts like before. If they dont hate enough they wont reach it period.
So many suffering spirits in this world. And so many who wishes to findĀ  immortality. I am not sure if its even possible to become a Vampire. That is not my juristiction. If its possible then i dont know about it. I met many interesting people here and writing a journal like this is really nice. I am thinking if i should show show this to the rest of community or just for the friend list.
However as the pack leader i cant let my feelings for the new promising young spirits that want to walk the path of the wolf go before the duty of only letting the ones that really deserve it reach it.
I have been gone so long. The fakes and charlatans are everywhere. We have tons of people claiming that they can do magic and when they are put in a pressing matter infront of the science (glory to the science) they fail.
But it will change. The Werewolfs warriors of old and physical gods will return again. And this time they wont dissapear.
I will make my pack grow from this site. As beeing able to wield real magic the power of enchantment i can really change these poor spirits destiny.
Thanks to the internet i dont need to move out and find the lost wolfs. They can work on the path from where they are when i enchanted their gems so they have enough time. A normal humans lifespan is not enough to reach the path of the wolf. I think its a minimum of 100 years for a spriit to reach it. As the son of the dark father i can reach it in time. But even for me with the power to actually use my inherient wolf spirit power i cant do it without magic.
Without the power of magic the chance for me to success was close to 0.
And its great that the dark father finally thaught me how to use magic.
Magic is so much more powerful and different to the inherient powers the wolf spirit possess. Magic is indeed the most powerful source of power that exist in this world.
Father dislikes girls allot but still its them who have the highest potential of reaching the goal. Guys can do it aswell but it takes allot longer time. However when a guy finally reach the path he is more stable then the girl.
But just because my father hate girls allot does not mean i need to do the same. Thats why i was created to be able to think outside the creator of spirits. I dont hate girls i am just very careful against them. They have very easily to betray.
Male disciples have allot toughter to reach the path because they are not as close emotional as girl disciples are wich is needed. However Male disciples threat their mentor as a god because its the mentor that gave them the chance of reaching the goal. Female disciples try to become the mentors girlfriend/wife and equal.
As long as i am aware of that this will go smooth and good. I wont let the same rock hit me twise. If they fail they fail. It will always exist others that will take their place. And i have decided i will show this thread to everyone so they see my thoughts and know why i am here.
Because why would a Werewolf if he is the real deal show up on a internet site? I would if i were a mortal think fake, moron stupid idiot. However if i read that he actually trying to create a pack i would not be so hasty to judge anymore. Then i would actually see what this so called Werewolf know and if he really can enchant gems and give me what is needed because only christians would turn down the dark gift. And i dont want christians so then its no big deal.
Glory to the dark father and my mentor. This will indeed be an interesting time for the earth and its population.

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