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A plan for a certain clan!

So i ave been stalked for some time by this "enemy" Clan from Whashington. For some odd reason they ave come to a likeing of me and want to get rid of my other clan members. I ave no idea why im so speacial to them but if i am as speacial to them as they say then why am i fighting more and more each day to stay alive because of them why am i dieing to get away. They tell me i must be in there clan i find it hard to beleive a cruel clan as them would want me. They know what im capable of and what they want me to do for them, Im not as stupid as they wish i was. I know what they are planning and every night yet they come to ambush me 6 against 1! And the night use to be my favorite time no matter what would happen i would love it till now. I guess im wrighting this beacause i need advice. Why are they ambushing me? Why do they want me so bad? I need help from anyone that is willing to help ! Thanks!

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