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Hi ya,

I used to be able to get right into all the gooey gore and really awesome plots.  There are so many movies out there that you can figure out what they are going to do way before they do it.    But there has been some out there that I've stuck it out and watched till the end and sometimes, really sometimes, the end will be a big surprise.   But at the moment I can't think of any.   argh!
  So,  I've been dawdling around and have been half-hazardly to try and write a book.  Try is the key word here.  haha   The farthest that I've gotten in almost 2 yrs. now is 4 index cards with 3 of them being 3 different ways to say...'Once upon a time'...  and the 4th one just a bunch of off the wall doodles that have absolutely nothing to do with the book.  But hey, it was a lot funner than trying to write a novel that Steven King would be proud  of.  hahahaha  
Anyway I'm just glad that I found this place here.  It's comfy. 
   I would like to get as much info. on some good gooey goryness that will inspire me.         I really used to have all of this stuff just gushing out of my head.  I really was gore fiction saavy.    
    Well, that's me.  
   And I gotta tell ya that out of the many, many and lots more of sites that I happened upon,  I really am comfy here.  And that says a lot.
      I'll be back ~wink~   Take good care,    adele

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