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The Glimps Into The Afterlife

A Glimpse
of the Afterlife

If there is a life after death, what is it like?
Here are some "eyewitness" accounts from near-death experiencers - and
they're not all positive.

The notion that there is a
life after this one on Earth is a widely held belief that predates
recorded history. While cultures like that of the ancient Egyptians
believed existence continued in "the Land of the Dead," the more modern
Christian beliefs offer an afterlife in Heaven as a reward or in Hell as
a punishment. Even more recent ideas suggest that life might continue
in another dimension or plane of existence - perhaps even on another

Whatever the
ideas, it's clear that humans want to believe - perhaps even need
to believe in life after death.

There is no
definitive proof, of course, that a life after death exists. But there
are some rather compelling anecdotes that suggest there might be:
remarkable cases of claimed reincarnation or past-life recall, for
instance. There are also countless cases in which the recently deceased
have appeared briefly to family members and friends to tell them that
they are well and happy in another world.

Perhaps the most
intriguing "evidence" are the stories related by people who have gone
through the "near-death experience." It's estimated that 9 to 18 percent
of people who are near death have a near-death experience. Although
mainstream science suggests that these experiences are nothing more than
the result of certain brain activity under extreme stress or
hallucinations brought on by drugs or medication, perhaps these accounts
shouldn't be so readily dismissed. If they are real, after all, they
hold the only clues we have as to what life in the hereafter might be

From various cases
of near-death experience (NDE), here is a glimpse of life after death.

Tunnel and the Light

One of the most
common experiences at the beginning of an NDE is popping or floating out
of one's body and then floating or flying down a long tunnel toward a
bright, white light that many describe as "loving."

"In front of me
I saw a small light in the vast distance. The light started to get
larger. It became more brilliant and it stopped in front of me. I felt
an intense love, which came from the Light. I know without a doubt that
this beautiful intense loving Light was God. The Light started to
communicate with me; but the communication was telepathic, it was not
verbal. The Light asked me if I wanted to come with it. At this point I
completely understood the nature of the question and the consequences of
my answer. If I choose to continue with the Light I knew that I would
die and never return to earth. I thought about this and replied that I
thought that I still had important things to do back there (on earth).
At that point the Light began to recede. I found myself waking up on the
bed of my dorm room." [A
Near Death Experience in 1964 - Anonymous]
"I saw nothing
but absolute, total blackness. In this capacity, though, I was looking
at absolute nothingness or darkness, but my eyes were not straining. I
had the desire to look around inquisitively. What is this place? Where
am I? Instantaneously, this darkness took the shape of a tunnel. It was
perfectly level, however slightly ambiguous in that it was straight
before me and it was cloud-like. It was very vast, as opposed to small
and confining, and was anywhere from a thousand feet to a thousand miles
wide. I was very comfortable and inquisitive. It was cylindrical. If
you took a tornado and stretched it out straight, it would be similar to
that..." [Tom
Sawyer: What I Learned by Dying]
"All was panic.
The water was very cold. My heavy winter clothes were making it
difficult to stay afloat. I continued to struggle mightily, thinking
"I'm only nine. That's too young to die." The longer I was under the
ice, the less significant time became. It was as if time had no meaning.
Everything happened sequentially but simultaneously. I became very
tired. I noticed that I could no longer feel the cold. My hearing was
heightened. I could hear the movement of the water. I could hear the
traffic on the bridge overhead and behind me. I could see clearly, even
though it was dark and I was under the ice and moving downstream. Then, a
complete calm and serenity overtook me. I was at total peace. I began
to come into an awareness that all was not over. I could sense a light.
It was brilliant, but caused no discomfort when looking at it. In fact, I
gained strength by looking into the light. I then sensed a presence. I
had the knowledge that this was Jesus, and he was assuring me that
everything was fine. I felt total love from this presence. I was home.
More so than I was ever home before. I was presented with a sense that
all questions were to be answered if I stayed." [Near-Death
Experiences - Rob]

Place of Beauty and Love

The most frequent
descriptions of the afterlife portray an unimaginably beautiful land of
color, light and music.

"I can remember
a beautiful place with beautiful colors, beautiful music..." [Body
Death - Anonymous]
"When I was a
little girl, I thought I would really like to know what Heaven was like.
I decided that I would pray to God very hard and maybe He would show
me. I prayed very hard for quite some time, until gradually there came a
buzzing sound in my ears. The sound got louder and louder until it was
all I could hear, and then suddenly everything became very quiet. I
couldn't even hear the sounds you usually hear when everything is
"silent." I was in a velvety blackness, but it was not like being in a
dark room (I sensed there were no walls or floor or ceiling). Even
though I didn't know what was going on and it was dark, I felt perfectly
safe and "stood" there wondering what was going on. Then I saw a pin
prick of light far ahead of me. I tried to look at it more closely and
see what it was and as I looked it got bigger and bigger. As it grew I
felt better and better. I felt totally known, but totally accepted and
loved. It was the coolest feeling; words can't even come close to
describing how nice it felt. I was relaxed and very happy. Then I was
inside the light, which was I guess what being inside a cloud would look
like. I felt so loved! I loved it right back and also I felt that just
beyond the light, which I sensed acted like a veil or curtain in this
case, I was being observed by people who knew me or knew of me and were
smiling. I wanted to see them, whoever they were. The light knew what I
was thinking and so did the people, and I was aware of this and didn't
mind. Then I thought that I could "get used to" how wonderful it felt to
be there." [Body
Death - Anonymous]
"And then I
saw, infinitely far off - far too distant to be visible with any kind of
sight I knew of - a city. A glowing, seemingly endless city, bright
enough to be seen over all the unimaginable distance between. The
brightness seemed to shine from the very walls and streets of this
place, and from beings which I could now discern moving about within it.
In fact, the city and everything in it seemed to be made of light, even
as the figure at my side was made of light." [Heaven
and Hell: Dr. George Ritchie's Near-Death Experience]
"Suddenly I was
aware of being in the most beautiful garden I've ever seen. I felt
whole and loved. My sense of well-being was complete. I heard celestial
music clearly and saw vivid colored flowers, like nothing seen on earth,
gorgeous greenery and trees." [17
Near-Death Experience Accounts from Beyond the Light - Jennine Wolff]
"Gradually the
earth scene faded away, and through it loomed a bright, new, beautiful
world - beautiful beyond imagination! I stood in a glory that could only
be Heaven. In the background were two beautiful, round-topped
mountains, similar to Fujiyama in Japan. The tops were snowcapped, and
the slopes were adorned with foliage of indescribable beauty. The
mountains appeared to be about 15 miles away, yet I could see individual
flowers growing on their slopes. I estimated my vision to be about one
hundred times better than on earth. To the left was a shimmering lake
containing a different kind of water - clear, golden, radiant and
alluring. It seemed to be alive. The whole landscape was carpeted with
grass so vivid, clear and green, that it defies description. To the
right was a grove of large, luxuriant trees, composed of the same clear
material that seemed to make up everything. I saw twenty people beyond
the first trees, playing a singing-dancing game, something like
'Skip-to-My-Lou.' They were having a hilarious time holding hands and
dancing in a circle - fast and lively. As soon as they saw me, four of
the players left the game and joyfully skipped over to greet me. As they
approached, I estimated their ages to be: one, 30; two, 20; and one,
12. Their bodies seemed almost weightless, and the grace and beauty of
their easy movements was fascinating to watch. Both sexes had long,
luxuriant hair entwined with flowers, which hung down in glossy masses
to their waists. Their only clothing was a gossamer loin cloth with a
loop over one shoulder and a broad ribbon streaming out behind in
graceful curves and curlicues. Their magnificence not only thrilled me,
but filled me with awe. The oldest, largest and strongest-looking man
announced pleasantly, 'You are in the land of the dead. We lived on
earth, just like you, 'til we came here.' He invited me to look at my
arm. I looked, and it was translucent; that is, I could dimly see
through it." [17
Near-Death Experience Accounts from Beyond the Light - Arthur E. Yensen]
"I found myself
in a place of such beauty and peace. It was timeless and spaceless. I
was aware of delicate and shifting hues of colors with their
accompanying rainbows of 'sound,' though there was no noise in this
sound. It might have felt like wind and bells, were it earthly. I 'hung'
there - floating. Then I became aware of other loving, caring beings
hovering near me. Their presence was so welcoming and nurturing. They
appeared 'formless' in the way I was accustomed by now to seeing things.
I don't know how to describe them. I was aware of some bearded male
figures in white robes in a semicircle around me. The atmosphere became
blended as though made of translucent clouds. I watched as these clouds
and their delicate shifting colors moved through and around us." [17
Near-Death Experience Accounts from Beyond the Light - Alice
"I stood there
in this gorgeous meadow and I remember that the light there was
different from the light here on earth. Though it was not that brilliant
white light in which I was involved, it was a more beautiful light.
There was a goldenness to this light. I remember the sky was very blue. I
don't recall seeing the sun. The colors were extraordinary. The green
of the meadow was fantastic. The flowers were blooming all around and
they had colors that I had never seen before. I was very aware that I
had never seen these colors before and I was very excited about it. I
was thrilled to death of the beauty that was incredible. I could see a
soft light glowing within every living thing. It was not a light that
was reflected from the outside from a source, but it was coming from the
center of this flower. Just this beautiful, soft light. I think I was
seeing the life inside of everything." [The
Moment of Truth: Jayne Smith's Near-Death Experience]
"The world that
I had entered was now as solid and real as the world that I had left
behind, but the light was still visible. It was a living light. It had
vitality and feeling. It was focused in every living thing just as the
sun can be focused to a point with a magnifying glass. There were colors
too, not only the colors that I had known on earth but many octaves of
color. Surrounding all my friends and every other living thing was
color, arranged in intricate geometrical patterns, each pattern unique,
every pattern original. Permeating the colors and patterns was sound,
countless octaves of sound. It was as though the colors could be heard.
It reminded me of bagpipes. Filling the entire region were the droning
sounds. Octave upon octave of invigorating, vitalizing sound. It was
very subtle, practically imperceptible but immense, it seemed to reach
to infinity. Superimposed on this vast life-giving hum, was the melody,
which was created by the individual sound of every living thing. Light
and sound, color and geometrical patterns were all combined into a
totality of harmonic perfection.

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