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my nightmare

so here you are so close to my grasp
your here for me to hold and me to kiss
but what shall i do if my nightmare comes true
with every dream we fly high with every moment we grow close
but what happens if i slip and we fall
i try to hold it all to hold us up
but my grasp is hinderd
my nightmare rises from depths unknown
i watch you fall and burn
while i can do nothing to stop it
now i swear on all that is me
i will not drop you i will not stop moving forward
for us both i must sucseed i will be strong
i will turn up my song i will sing it loud
and from my heart you will hear
hear it blast and hear me shout
to hevens high and death down low
I LOVE YOU LEAH and i always will
my heart has moved a woman i thought stole it
mearly gave it to another
so now lets make this work for you i will live and for us i will stand strong

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