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Life-Force Vampire

Did you ever get the feeling that someone's watching you?  Not the bipolar, anxiety attack, I need a xanax, paranoia feeling, but the walk into a club sit down at a table or bar and suddenly feel nauseous, feeling.  Chances are, you've been attacked by a life-force Vampire.  This type of attack can be so subtle that the victim is usually unaware.  Then there are those of us that are so receptive to our environment, these attacks are litterally exhausting.  A life-fforce attack can drain you of up to 5% of your energy or more.  Fortunately, even the most experieced Vampire can only gain 50% of the enegy it takes to deliver a long distance attack.  So eventually, once you've been targeted, the Vampire will need to make physical contact for any "real" energy gain. 
My advice to clubers is this:
1. Trust your feelings, no matter how subtle they may be.
2. Avoid prolonged physical contact with those "touchy/feely" strangers you may encounter, until you can sense an even exchange of enegry flow between you.
Good luck and happy clubbing!

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