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clock of destiny

Night is here so rest my dear
Till daylight comes and life again starts to go by
When the sun sets we all will rest
Just like the day we die
I will go on with the same things
Day to day it never stops
All this time you never see
The hands count down the clock of destiny
Day in and day out I never scream I never shout
Like a good boy I just sit and wait and see
What does all this have in store for me
I know when my day comes
All that I have done
Will not be wasted Will not be for nothing
But for the good of my love
So when you wake make me the one
The first thing you think of the first one you love
And if you do this I promise you
No harm shall ever beset you
I will be here for always and ever
No matter if you like it or not
For I am a guardian never leave never falter
Till my life force is forgot

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