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war of ages

shall it always be that there is darkness in this world
that people get blown up and we say that they deserve it,
that their death was too good for them,
shall the world stay in this endless struggle,
is it destiny or can we change it,
will the world die out in flames
will we destroy everything or will we save mankind,
i hope that if we destroy mankind we wont bring the world with us
i only wish i could help
but it would be a task that would take millenia to accomplish
and co-operation of people
people of this planet that dont give a [**]
they live for them and now
not for friends and futures
our offsring and our bloodline take after us
yet we derect them to the wrong path
destroying the world killing our friends
everyone talks about world peace
yet no one does anything to acomplish it
i wish i had a pisition to stand and take charge
but i dont im just an 18 yr old boy tryin to make it through life

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