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who is your knight

let the light find you
step into its glory
entangled with hope
its all that you need
it holds the missing faces
the many ears
all here to keep you safe
to end your sufering
to give you a place
it mends your heart
keeps your trust true
the one that is there
hes the one for you
he whipes your tears
and regulates your time
makes you whole
keeps you fine
let down your gaurd
hes here to protect you
never to hurt you
always to shield you
shield you from the misery
the hate that is the hell your in
the one that by night will be gone
taken away into wings open wide
the wings of an angel
ur protector and gaurdian
to deliver you from pain
and bring you to him
your true knight in white armor
the only thing thats left
is for you to tell him....
who your knight is 

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